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Is Colocation a Smart Move for Businesses?

Businesses typically have their data centers located close by. As they start to expand and rely on Internet usage more and more, they realize that the threats to their valuable data are very high. There are some important factors which make colocation necessary. To understand what these driving factors for colocation are, one needs to understand how exactly businesses and individuals benefit from colocation.

Colocation basically refers to the capacity of housing your servers in the rack space belonging to someone else. So, when you sign up for colocation hosting, you get the chance to store critical equipments in scalable, secure and reliable rack spaces of third parties. This is useful because when there is unprecedented growth or unplanned changes taking place; duplicating an IT setting in a new infrastructure will be a huge challenge.

5 Reasons to Choose Colocation Hosting Solutions:

1. Scalability is one of the most important driving forces for colocation hosting. When you choose colocation, you are bound to get scalable hosting solutions. This is not only incremental scaling where you can request for additional resources to help your business grow. It also refers to the ability to downgrade resources when the traffic is less and the needs have gone down. If you enjoy the power to release resources when you do not require them anymore, you can cut down on your IT costs. So, where infrastructure is concerned, being able to scale resources both up and down is very crucial. If you can do this successfully, you will find that you far better off than most others who have pulled all their eggs in one basket.

2. Another important factor to look into is homogeneity. Most businesses tend to assume that infrastructures are always homogenous. In short, every node is going to have the same memory, same CPU speed and networking capacity. But, the truth is, that data centers get new servers and equipment’s every day. The newer ones are likely to have higher clock speeds than the older ones. Since you may not know the actual capacity of these new entrants, you can actually end up wasting a lot of money on hardware cycles. So, the best way to avoid this problem is to ask the provider about the owner of the network, power and cooling systems. When you know these are being handled by experts, you can relax.

Colocation Facility

3. Businesses will usually pay bandwidth rates depending on how much bandwidth they will need. Colocation providers buy bandwidth in bulk to cater to multiple companies; so, they can offer bandwidth at reasonable rates. Besides, colocation facilities will typically have redundant hardware and power supplies to take care of sudden power outages. Maintaining such power supplies and backup generators can turn out to be a highly costly proposition for companies.

4. When you maintain a private data center, you will have to make sure that the facility is well guarded by security personnel, CCTV cameras and biometric access. The facility will also need redundant bandwidth, cooling, and power supplies to combat harsh weather conditions and sudden power failures. When you choose to get data center solutions, you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted power supplies and backup generators 24×7. Keeping a data center online 24×7 is not an easy task and businesses which choose to maintain a private data center will have to ensure this. So, it makes sense to choose colocation where the host will ensure these facilities to protect your critical applications and data.

5. While businesses should ideally invest more time on planning growth than on carrying out routine maintenance tasks, the truth is that they focus on maintaining the infrastructure mainly. They are committed 24×7 to handling system updates, database administration and server configurations. With colocation hosting, it is possible for businesses to give more time to planning their growth. Although companies may be experiencing growth, there are times when they do not have the necessary expertise or tools to capitalize on the latest technologies. With colocation they will get the chance to focus on strategies for development instead of thinking about infrastructural maintenance.

6. Businesses are also choosing colocation because of the growing importance being attached to regulatory compliance. Most businesses will have to comply with standards, audits and certifications. The data centers should accordingly be SSAE16 certified. They should be regularly tested with penetration testing methods. So, when make a move towards colocation, you can enjoy these benefits at no extra costs.

These reasons show why moving to a colocation provider is indeed a smart decision. More than the costs, it is the value businesses can get out of this decision. For any business, reliability and cost savings continue to be the key driving forces for all their business decisions. In this sense, colocation is definitely the best alternative.

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