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How Artificial Intelligence in Data Centers Promises Greater Energy Efficiency and Much More?

A data center facility is home to a plethora of components that include servers, cooling equipment, storage devices, workloads, and networking to name a few. Working of a data center is influenced by a coordinated functioning of all data center components offering a number of patterns to learn from.

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Major Use Cases Of AI In Data Centers

Power consumption contributes significantly to a data center’s overall operating costs. One can achieve remarkable cost efficiency by reducing energy requirements of data center with help of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has tremendous potential to enhance energy efficiency of data centers by continuously learning from patterns in the past. This has been demonstrated convincingly by Google DeepMind System as it helped reduce power consumption in one of its data centers by a whopping fifteen percent.

The reduction in energy requirement in this case was an impressive forty percent. This was achieved in a short span of eighteen months, thus paving way for energy efficient data centers by leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

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IBM has been approached by Nlyte to leverage its IBM Watson for integrating the same with one of its products designed for data centers. The solution is aimed at collecting diverse data from cooling and power systems installed at several data centers. IBM Watson is assigned with responsibility of analyzing the data to build a predictive model for knowing exactly which processors and systems would be breaking down on account of getting hot.

Vigilent has entered into a Joint Venture with Siemens to enable customers with an access to an optimization solution, which is backed by Artificial Intelligence for dealing with cooling challenges posed by equipment in data centers. The solution involves sensors for data collection by leveraging a combined resource of Internet of Things and Machine Learning.

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This information is used in combination with complex algorithms for thermal optimization to reduce energy consumption. By controlling temperatures at proper level one can improve power efficiency by as much as forty percent. Lack of information or access to the tools needed to boost data center’s energy efficiency is the root cause of under utilization of cooling efficiency.

Influence Of AI On DC Infrastructure

Design of data center and its deployment is an extremely complex issue due to a number of facilities that are of various shapes and sizes. Add to this the exponential growth of data generation and need to handle byzantine networks to handle intricate computing involving algorithmic calculations to know the vastness of challenges that need to be handled by modern data centers.

Artificial intelligence is leveraged for improving data centers in terms of their power efficiency and compute power for addressing rising demand of data management in the modern scenario.

Thanks to the advent of emerging technologies such as deep learning as well as machine learning, there is an unprecedented demand for servers and microprocessors. Advanced GPUs are essential for implementation of applications that are backed by deep learning. These are also must to support image and voice recognition and is it is hardly any wonder why modern enterprises are planning to build data centers that support deep learning as well as machine learning.

Optimization Of Servers And Data Center Security

Proper running of storage equipment and servers with efficient maintenance is vital for the health of data centers. Predictive analysis is one of the most sought after applications of Artificial Intelligence, which is commonly adopted by data center operators for server optimization.

This application of Artificial Intelligence can even facilitate load balancing solutions to gain learning capabilities and deliver load balancing with greater efficiency by leveraging past information. Artificial Intelligence can also be applied for mitigation of network bottlenecks, monitoring of server performance and control over disk utilization.

Security is another important aspect of data center operations, which is influenced by use of Artificial Intelligence. Since every data center must implement measures to reduce possibility of any cyber attack, there is a need to consistently improve security for gaining an upper hand on hackers and intruders.

It is obvious that human efforts will not be sufficient to keep pace with the ever changing landscape of cyber attacks as hackers are using advanced measures to breach security measures. Artificial Intelligence can help security experts reduce the amount of human efforts and improve vigilance to a great extent.

Machine learning has been implemented to understand normal behavior and pinpoint any instance that deviates from the same to address threats. Machine learning or deep learning can provide a more efficient alternative to the traditional methods of access restrictions since these methods tend to fall short of implementing optimum security measures.

Data Centers Of The Future

As the demands for data centers with huge capacity to handle increased data volumes with speed and accuracy are growing, there is need to adopt artificial intelligence to support human efforts. Solutions with capabilities of Artificial Intelligence are specifically being designed to facilitate data center operations.

One of the latest solutions that cater to data center operations is called as Dac and is designed to leverage Artificial Intelligence for detection of any issues in cooling and server rooms including loose cables or faulty water lines.

Dac is backed by advanced hearing capabilities that make use of ultrasound waves. It will be supported by thousands of sensors that are positioned strategically to detect deviations from norms. Artificial Intelligence is also being adopted for developing robots to streamline data center operations in terms of handling physical equipment.

In Conclusion

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence by companies that range from startups to huge organizations including Google or Siemens underlines a novel approach to improve efficiency of data centers. AI has demonstrated that data centers can significantly improve power consumption to reduce costs.

Potential for use of AI, and other emerging technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning is just beginning to be fathomed by us. These technologies will soon be operating entire data centers and will also help improve security parameters and reduce events of power outages by taking proactive steps.

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