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Estimating The Cost Of Cloud Migration With Pricing Calculators

Cloud migration’ is a popular catchphrase these days. No wonder that every second company is migrating its apps onto the cloud. Such enterprises are also aware that they have to undergo lots of number crunches and financial drooling to estimate the potential cost savings. But calculating the total cost of shifting every single VM to a public cloud can be a daunting task.

This is where the need for a genius sidekick calculator kicks in! Such an estimation tool accurately computes the whole outlay related to a cloud migration activity. The web is flooded with free Cloud calculators that hunt down upon all your VMs and creates an inventory instantly within any given network. After the virtual machine are located, one can select specific VMs for the movement and let the designated cloud calculator do the estimation. These costs can be compared with the assessment acquired from other cloud hosting server apps.

As and when the visualized environment changes, such cloud pricing calculators get dynamically changed to refine estimations reflecting on a current VM inventory. These tools are typical business applications which are selected to pilot cloud migration projects. Features in these apps are incorporated into many other tools and on-premise versions of the same app across different verticals. It is deployed in the provider’s data center and comprises of components which are installed through many servers. Certain web applications hosted on a Windows server computer are then shared with other apps and databases. These maintain a dedicated drive to store all scanned expense receipts.

It is quite evident now that organizations are increasingly adopting hybrid cloud solutions to avail the best of public and private clouds. As a result, they have to make a note of factors like cost, performance, utilization and sizing, during the migration. Thus, to get an accurate cost estimate, cost calculators are necessary. By adopting them, there is no need to manually import details of all VMs and resource consumption and map the subsequent details onto the pricing model of a cloud hosting service provider.

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