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A hybrid server is a kind of Internet hosting which is a blend of materially hosted server with virtual technology. It is also known as the hybrid hosting service.

A hybrid server is a different type of dedicated server that proposes both the control of the flexibility of cloud computing and a classic dedicated server. In case of dedicated hybrid servers ,the hardware is completely allocated to the user. It costs lower than the private dedicated servers.

The server is parted into hybrid server atmospheres by using some virtualization; mostly they use the Red Hat KVM for the partition. Every hybrid atmosphere is safely secluded and has assured resources accessible to it which makes sure of a high level of responsiveness and performance. A hybrid server joins all of the virtual expertise with performance and work of a fully dedicated server. So, a manager can use mechanization to restart, suspend, or reinstall the OS (operating system). One huge server is divided into some (usually two) Hybrid servers.


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