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HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This is the whole new technology of vehicular and indoor ecofriendly comfort. HVAC system is a sub-field of mechanical engineering. It is based on the codes of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics . Sometimes, refrigeration is also added to the abbreviation, and then it is written as HVACR or HVAC&R. In a few cases, ventilation is removed from the abbreviation which is then known as HACR.

HVAC is a very significant medium of design to office buildings or large industries like; skyscrapers, it is also vital in marine industries like the aquarium. In places like these, healthy and safe building conditions are controlled with all due respect to humidity and temperature.

The creation of the mechanism of the HVAC systems flowed parallel to the industrial revolution, and some new techniques of system control and modernization were repetitively introduced by the inventors globally.

HVAC systems can reduce air infiltration, maintain pressure relations and also provide ventilation between the spaces. The medium of removal from spaces and air delivery is termed as the room air distribution.

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