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Hybrid Cloud is an opus of two or more than two clouds. These clouds keep their distinct identities but are joined together, in order to offer the advantage of several deployment models. The Hybrid cloud also functions to connect co-location, dedicated or/and managed amenities with the cloud resources.

As said by the well renowned organization, Gartner Incorporation, “a hybrid cloud service is a combination of public and private cloud, directed by different service providers. It also lets a businessman to increase the capability or the capacity of the cloud service by integration, aggregation or customization with some other cloud services.”

There are many uses and benefits of a hybrid cloud. Let us have a look on an example like an IT industry using a public cloud to meet the temporary capacity required as it cannot be reached through a private cloud. This ability allows the hybrid cloud to hire cloud bursting for mounting across clouds.

A hybrid cloud configuration offers the following features to its users:

- Scalability

- Security

- Flexibility

- Cost effectiveness

The aim of a hybrid cloud is to combine services and information from a variation of cloud models to generate an automated, unified, and well-organized computing environment.


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