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How to install Apache, PHP and MYSQL on Windows 10 Machine

Enter URL to get the WHM in your web browser. WHM obeys http requests on port 2086 and https requests on port 2087 and this will require you to enable the firewalls if any on your machine and allow traffic. Use the IP address of the server till such time that the DNS is setup and pointed to the server.

You will find a warning signal on your computer screen regarding the security certificate. Nothing to panic as it is a normal process. WHM has its own self-stamped certificate which it uses to encrypt connections. This certificate will not be generated for different domains as they have their own procedures to accept mismatched SSL certificates. You can learn about how to accept the certificates by checking the browser specifications. Once you are finished with the accepting of certificate login to your root account by entering the user ID and password that you had received on your registered email address.

You may again receive a warning saying Host name a missing. Ignore the warning for now and go ahead with the configuring process. Click on the Basic cPanel/WHM setup link. The Main Shared virtual host IP has the primary IP address on its servers by default. You can always change it to a different IP address if you want.

WHM permits only one IP address to be shared per WHM user. In case you want multiple addresses you will need to set up a user supporting the reseller benefits for each user and assign individual IP addresses. The primary root user can reach all the accounts on that IP address in spite of the user getting reseller privileges. You can also give a different email contact address to the server to reach the Go4Hosting support team in case you have any server related issues to address. You will also need to the name servers to be registered to point to the IP addresses on the server. WHM allows four name servers. Save all the changes that you have made.

Next it is important and more secure to change your root password. Click on Change Password. Enter the new password. Reconfirm it by entering it again on the next button. Save the password and remember it.

You next go to the Tweak settings link and customize the settings for the server. Make the necessary changes in the Mail by setting the catch-all address to fail to reduce non existing email addresses from reaching your server minimizing the attacks from spammers. Save the changes. The WHM updates are configured by default.

Secure your server. Configure and enable the check password strength checkbox and save. Next go to the home link on top, then click on Packages and add packages icons and enter a package name and allow unlimited packages. Use the same procedure for more packages in future.

Come back to the Home link on top. Go to DNS functions. Choose the Edit zone templates and click on standard button. Save all the changes. You have now completed the process of initial configuration of your server.

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