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How Is Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Better Than Unmanaged Dedicated Servers?

When you sign up for dedicated hosting plans, you must decide whether to choose managed dedicated hosting or unmanaged dedicated hosting. It has been seen that managed dedicated server hosting is usually better than unmanaged dedicated hosting. To understand the reasons for this, it is first necessary to understand which services are covered by these two types of hosting plans. So, one has to know what managed hosting and unmanaged hosting plans are to be able to appreciate one over the other.

What are managed dedicated servers?

Managed dedicated servers are those which can be leased by businesses but these are completely managed by the web hosting provider. While you will find many web hosts offering managed dedicated hosting plans, the degree of support can well vary from one provider to another. The basic support services will include alerts and notification concerning suspicious activities or malfunctions which are detected in the server. Apart from this, you can expect support through emails and phone calls, supports for OS configurations, debugging, routine updates, customization, bandwidth and CPU usage tracking, support for unfamiliar tools and software, and downtime or uptime monitoring.

What are unmanaged dedicated servers?

The unmanaged dedicated servers are those which are leased from a web host but which have to be managed by you as the client. This means that when you choose to sign up for unmanaged dedicated hosting options you should have enough technical expertise to keep the hardware running smoothly. You will also be responsible for troubleshooting all technical and maintenance-related issues and emergency fixes which are not covered in the Service Level Agreements. In this setting, the data center installs the hardware and connects it to the Web; it assigns the IP address, installs the operating systems and cPanel. The rest is your responsibility, namely, server configurations, program installations, firewall deployments and troubleshooting.

So, from these arguments, it appears that compared to unmanaged hosting which may work out cheaper for you, managed hosting is always preferable for a business. When you want to invest in fully-managed dedicated plan, you can get a dedicated team of experts for tech supports. They will be available through every step of the server installation process and ongoing maintenance of the servers. The support team is typically available round-the-clock through emails, chats, and phone calls, whenever you need them.

Sometimes you can also get upgrades for services like extra IP addresses together with hard drives. This is a huge benefit when your business is growing and you need to scale up the server. In contrast, with unmanaged servers, you will simply be provided with login credentials and you are left to handle everything else on your own.

Every managed hosting plan is distinct; there are even some called MINO which means "Managed in Name Only", where managed hosting is provided on paper, but for everything additional you are required to pay extra. Unmanaged dedicated servers are perfect when you own capable and experienced system administrators. Without experienced administrators, it is safer to stick to a fully managed hosting plan. This gives you the opportunity to focus on core business affairs instead of having to worry about routine server administration tasks.

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