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Best Ways To Optimize Joomla

Joomla is a content management system which helps to design websites and important online application. Joomla is estimated as the second most used content management system after WordPress. It is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone. You don't need to be an advanced user to install and setup Joomla.

Important steps to optimize Joomla
Speed is a major factor for the success of any website. A faster website helps to improve the conversion rate, reduce bandwidth cost, increase site ranking in search engines, improves user experience. Following are the ways to optimize Joomla.

1 Enable Joomal cache
Everytime a visitor loads a page Joomla   has to fetch the content from its database, load all the plugins, components and modules required on that page and template files, which then renders into a single page. The whole process undoubtedly takes time. This is where Joomla caching system comes into play. Once the cache is enabled, the first time someone loads a page the result from the process above is stored. Then all the following visitors will directly get the stored version of the page instead of repeating the whole loading process.

To enable Joomla cache go to global configuration - open the system tab and then turn on the cache option on the right, this will cache your website pages.

2 Allow Gzip compression : This compresses your site before it is transferred to the visitors which reduces the webpage size and loads the page faster. Go to global configuration->server and set Gzip compression to enable the page compression

3 Keep Joomla updated : New Joomla versions are generally performing better than previous ones thus the latest version of Joomla is really important for your site speed.

4 Compress images : It is best to optimize your images and aim for minimum size using tools like Adobe photoshop.

5 Template optimization : Templates contain heavy design images which effects the website's loading time. Alternative simple template designs which focus on the content rather than slowing down the website is a better consideration.

6 Choosing Good Web hosting : Choosing a hosting services that is best suitable with you site's demand of web space, monthly traffic, data transfer, backup, CDN etc can boost the site's speed significantly

7 Use optimization extensions
Extensions that can improve the Joomla website performance are JCH optimize, Jbetolo, JotCache, Cache Cleaner

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