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How Much Time Does It Take to Mine a Bitcoin?

It is very unlikely to solve a block with solo mining even if you have a lot of the latest ASICs. There are a few factors that may affect the duration of mining. The most important factor is the capacity of your equipment. If you have the latest rig, it will help mine faster but if your equipment is used or old, the time taken will increase. Hashrate per second in a pool is the contribution you make to your pool that will help the other members in their effort to win.

Hashrate is the measure per second. The more you have the more is the profit.

The second factor is the pool that you have chosen. Since mining solo does not yield the best results, people join and form a pool, splitting the reward between them if they win. If the number in the pool is more, your share will become lesser.

The third factor is the difficulty which keeps increasing each day. It changes the 2016 blocks and the difficulty keeps rising each month.

If you can calculate considering the three factors mentioned, you can get an approximate figure about the number of hours that are needed to mine a bitcoin. Whatever the number, it surely takes a long time to mine a bitcoin.

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