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File Synchronization

In the context of computing, file synchronization (or syncing) can be defined as the process of making certain that the files in two or more locations are updated periodically through certain rules.

There are basically two procedures through which files can be synchronized: one-way file synchronization and two-way file synchronization.

In one-way file synchronization is also termed as mirroring, wherein updated files are replicated from a source location to either one or more than one target locations, but no files are replicated back to the source location. In two-way file synchronization, up-to-date files are replicated in both directions, typically with the aim to keep the identical files in two different locations.

File synchronization is generally used for backing up personal data at home or backing up of data on external hard drives or keeping the transport on USB flash drives up-to-date. This pre-programmed process averts replication of identical files and thus can be quicker and save much time as compared to a manual replica, and is less inclined to error.

Nevertheless, there is one hitch in this provision; it is that the orchestrated files must physically fit in the portable storage device. Well, the synchronization software that only saves a list of files and the transformed files excludes this problem. It is particularly beneficial for mobile users, or for those who work on multiple systems.


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