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File Server

In the context of computing, a file server can be defined as a computer connected to a network that has the primary aim to provide a location for shared disk access, i.e. shared storage of computer files (such as documents, music files, photographs, movies, and many more.) that can be accessed through your personal computer as they are attached to the same computer network. The term server clearly depicts the role of the system in a client–server scheme, wherein the end-users are the computer units using the storage. A file server is not projected to run computational related errands, and does not perform programs in the name of the customers. It is intended principally to allow swift storage and retrieval of data while the computation is carried out by the computer units.

File servers are basically found in educational institutions and offices, where end-users utilize a LAN to connect their client computers.


Different types of file servers are:

There are basically two types of file servers i.e. dedicated or non-dedicated.

A dedicated server is intended particularly for use as a file server, with computer systems attached either for reading or writing files and databases. Non-dedicated server on the other hand is a file server that can be put into use concurrently as a workstation.

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