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With the virtual world becoming more important than ever, concepts, measurements and units are evolving big time. We need to measure data, storage capacity, networking speed and what not, that too in large volumes. When it comes to storage capacity, gone are the days when terabyte was a unit we were in awe of. This is the age of the Zettabyte.

So what is this Unit?

It is a unit that measures storage capacity and expressed as 1 sextillion bytes or 1021. It is also represented as two to the seventieth power bytes. It is popularly known as the Zeta. One Zeta is roughly equal to a billion terabytes and a thousand exabytes. More specifically put, one petabyte or PB is 1024 Terabyte and 1 Exabyte is 1024 PB. Keeping this correlation in mind, 1ZB would be a phenomenal 1024 Exabyte!

2016: The Year of the Zeta

Prominent information technology companies are claiming that 2016 would be the year of the Zettabyte. There has been a prediction that data transfer demands would be increasing phenomenally, also taking the demands of storage northwards. Companies are forecasting that the world will cross over the threshold limit for data transfer and scale new heights.


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