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Web Scale IT is a phrase put to use for referring to world class computing. It is also an architectural approach utilized for delivering capabilities of large based cloud hosting service providers within the realms of an enterprise IT setting. The primary approach here is to be build, design and manage the infrastructure of a data center where the capabilities might go beyond the specified scale in terms of size and scope since it pertains to agility and speed.

If all this seems way too complicated, there is a simple definition too. Web-scale IT can be simply defined as all the activities happening at large in cloud hosting service companies. Some of the prominent names in this domain include Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and similar. It enables these big names to achieve scalability and agility for applying new architectures.

The methodology related to managing, deploying, designing infrastructure at all levels and can be packaged in various ways for suiting diverse requirements and can scale up the size of enterprise and business. It is not the implementation of a single technology. It is a set of capabilities of a complete IT system.


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