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The term Web 3.0 is used to describe the evolution of the Web as an advanced version of Web 2.0. Different experts though hold a different view as to what exactly Web 3.0 is and the important features and functions associated with it. Few believe that it is the Semantic web while others hold the opinion that the Semantic web is one of the many emerging technologies and trends that will define Web 3.0 in coming time.

Some experts believe that this next generation of the Web is going to make the task of looking for desired information much easier. In other words Web 3.0 is expected to act like a personal assistant that will possess the capability to analyze your responses and preferences to provide answers to complex questions and queries in real quick time.


The web is entering a new phase of evolution. The third generation of the web popularly being called Web 3.0 is expected to make the web more connected, more open and more responsive. The higher level of intelligence possessed by it is most likely to make the web more integrated resulting in seamless integration of different components resulting in machine facilitated understanding of information.


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