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Web 2.0 is used for defining certain websites which emphasize user-generated content. The term had been made popular by Dale Dougherty and Tim O’Reilly in late 2004. It apparently proposes the new World Wide Web version but does not hint at any update to technical specifications. Web 2.0 basically allows the users to collaborate and interact with one another in social media dialogues; in short, they create user-generated content within a virtual community. The typical examples of Web 2.o are blogs and social networking websites, video sharing sites and web applications.

Blogs for instance are regarded as Web 2.o because instead of being personal home pages that are centralized, blogs allows the user to post as little or as much as they wish to and when they wish to. Comments can be left anywhere which ensures that people participate actively rather than consume content passively. The basic features that Web 2.0 provides are information search were search engines enable users to find relevant data depending on keywords entered, links which provide for one-way linking and link exchange, tags which are single word descriptions pertaining to the whole content, authoring which offers the right to produce and upload content and audios or videos, signals which inform users about changes in content like RSS which is a tool that gives latest updates in your interest area. In this way, Web 2.0 helps in promoting businesses, services and products.


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