Network Operations Center

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Network operations center is a location from where an administrator controls, manages, and monitors a telecommunication network. NOC’s have its presence, since 1960. The motto behind the existence of NOC is to supervise the complex networks that seek high availability. Mainly, big enterprises with extensive networks and service providers have their own network operations center. NOC administrators shoulder the responsibility for managing one or many networks in order to avoid any unwanted congestions. They deal with the various problematic circumstances, such as DDoS Attacks, network failures, power outages, and routing black-holes.

Enterprises can monitor their networks from one or more than one NOC for providing redundancy, in case of single failure. Moreover, NOC’s also monitor and manage the social networks. The basic functionality of NOC personnel is:

- Detection of network problem

- Perform troubleshooting, whenever required

- Communicate with the NOC’s and the site technocrats

- Track the issues with resolution

NOC’s can also escalate the issues that are not unresolved to their superiors for instant resolution. Right from the network troubleshooting, router & domain name management, performance monitoring, software distribution, an NOC engineer may perform several other functions as well in order to ascertain the smooth and hassle-free running of the network.


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