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Alibaba Resource Access Management

The Resource Access Management (RAM) by Alibaba is used to identify and access the system data that helps you in managing your users centrally.

For example, it manages your employees’ information in the system internally, the data base applications and also controls access to your private networks.

Alibaba Resource Access Management thereby helps and permits you to work in a secured environment to grant access and permissions for the Alibaba Cloud resources for only those clients who are chosen as the special high-privilege users, or the enterprise personnel and their partners. This helps you in making sure that only secure and relevant usage of the cloud resources is done, and it also protects your data from any manner of illegal and undesired logins to your private and enterprise accounts.

Improved Security Management System

It follows a detailed Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) technique which is a way of confirming the user's claimed identity for maintaining the protection of your account and the data resources available as well. The Resource Access Management is for the companies that want to have high security for their clients, and have networks which are highly enclosed ones, maintaining the highly secured data in them.

User Friendly Tool

It helps the end user to have simple access and to easily configure their other RAM (Random Access Memory) with the help of the web-based Alibaba Cloud Management Console or APIs (Application Program Interface). It is handy as well as secure for the end user. It is a highly efficient and user friendly model for your business, offered by Alibaba and it also helps to establish your online presence effectively. The Resource Access Management is the one of the latest tools for using the Alibaba Cloud.

Central and Consolidated Management

To create, to manage, to rename and to delete the RAM users; also the teams and their team members whose roles grant them necessary permissions: these factors are managed completely by the Resource Access Management.

The unified management of accessing the permissions and also identifying the credentials for the Alibaba Cloud resources are actions that are also covered by the Resource Access Management.

To revoke and to recall the permission from one or the multiple resources or from the account of a user, which are tightly based on the demands of a specific business.

Highly Flexible and Easy To Change

Fine-grained Authorization: It permits you to grant even a one-time permission for one or multiple operations on a particular resource, which is a completely independent part in itself or even if it deals with shared resources. For example, a resource owner can grant a one-time permission to complete the task, to perform the operations or to delete the resources for a better, stable and flexible output for your business outcomes when compared to the competition.

Version Management Mechanism: To retain a high number of multiple versions of each and every authorization policy of the company and to eliminate the risk of any unwanted deletion within the program. This policy is highly recommended by the Version Management Mechanism of the Alibaba Cloud offering the Resource Access Management.

Multi-Dimensional Authorization: It restricts anyone from access to the permissions on the basis of time and various other dimensions, to have a better view and a more efficient dimension to the work.

Consolidated Financial Reporting: It also provides one consolidated bill for all the expenses which are to be borne by the resource operations team, and can be used by all the users which are present in a large group of accounts or come under one big corporate account.

How It Works

Alibaba Cloud Resource Access Management uses the technique of a Management Console Support that is used on the cloud regularly. The Alibaba Cloud Management Console helps you to give a new, better managed and simpler web-based user friendly interface that also allows users to have an access for the configuration in the Resource Access Management (RAM) that accesses rules and enforces various authorization policies. The permissions and various roles for the different users are defined effectively and well by the Resource Access Management software.

With the help of Go4hosting, you can also create, manage and then delete a user’s data and the profile from the system on which it is present if required. It also briefs you to effectively describe a Quick Start for the step-by-step instructions as to how the system configuration among the different RAM (Random Access Memory) is done via the management console or Resource Access Management. Resource Access Management is an efficient and highly effective way of Alibaba Cloud resource management.

Use Cases

Identity Management: It produces and also manages the user identities and also grants permissions based on the user end of information for the initial account holders.

User Groups: It is used to produce and manage the user team members and the groups for assignment which is based on the same or a custom set of permissions to the multiple users.

Multi-Factor Authentication: It also supports the devices that are suited to the TOTP protocol based on the rules to effect RFC 6238 so as to keep the user passwords secure with the holder only, and management is assigned special permissions like motility control.

Access Permission: Alibaba Security Token Service grants a specific part of the cloud to a resource and accesses the permissions to end mobile users and the effective purchasers, giving the mobile customers direct access to the cloud resources.

Custom Validity: It also supports the custom token for validity of periods for an increased, prolonged and efficient security experience.

Automated Centralized Control: It has an Automated Centralized Control which makes it very useful for the business and also for the end users.

Alibaba Cloud Services like the Elastic Compute Service are pristinely serviced and customized by Go4hosting’s teams of technical wizards. To benefit from our synergetic partnership, get in touch with our teams, available 24 X 7!

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