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Alibaba Monitor and Management

Survey All Your Cloud Services With CloudMonitor

CloudMonitor, the cutting edge cloud performance analysis tool by Alibaba, is a versatile observation service that generates in-depth insights into your cloud deployments. CloudMonitor provides advanced analytics on essential metrics akin to mainframe utilization, latency and conjointly enables you to customize metrics specific to business needs.

Advantages Abound When You Deploy CloudMonitor

CloudMonitor permits you to shield your deployments from security threats, network problems or system failure by instantaneously raising alerts through the use of a wide spectrum of channels together with Social Networking Service (SNS), Social messaging Service (SMS), instant communications like chats and workgroups and email once a threat is detected.

CloudMonitor provides accurate and dependable system wide cloud observance solutions for all of your resources and applications on Alibaba Cloud.

Website & application observation

CloudMonitor provides forward looking calculations that help plan out strategies about cloud requirements relevant to your business, monitors the relative ratings of your net applications and helps in cloud server observation down to the last detail. CloudMonitor also notifies you proactively regarding any security menace that has befallen your cloud systems, or any incidents of application failure that will obviously require fixing.

Cloud Service observation

CloudMonitor gives a comprehensive overview of Alibaba Cloud services together with keeping a sharp eye on any processes wherein you have used its own Elastic Compute Service, Relational Database Service or Server Load Balancer. CloudMonitor provides preconfigured metrics for every service running on your cloud configuration, and that helps to watch each subsidiary service in relation to others operating simultaneously.

Customized observation

Customized observation services can be developed from Alibaba CloudMonitor to suit your distinctive business needs. You can conjointly outline specific metrics on the lines of memory utilization and application connections (among many others), which are able to offer insights to boost application and cloud server performance.

Detailed Analytics

CloudMonitor observes nearly unlimited amounts of data on and about the cloud, enabling precise and elaborated analysis of trends, supported by historical information that assists in forming a viable business plan with respect to cloud infrastructure and management with which to proceed forward.

This helps you in realizing high levels of security, accessibility and fault tolerance. Designed to be simple to deploy and use, CloudMonitor provides advanced analytics on essential metrics corresponding to central processing unit utilization and latency, and conjointly allows you to customize metrics specific to your distinctive business necessities.

After years of profound analysis of server responses and observance of data handling processes, CloudMonitor currently integrates powerful knowledge delivering capabilities. CloudMonitor offers services like cloud service observance, website observance and custom observance for the entire range of technological cloud applications. Due to this versatile tool supporting seamless integration, you can access the CloudMonitor service when you register for any of the varied Alibaba Cloud account. Once you purchase and use Alibaba cloud products, you will need to read their operation guidelines and best practices, and set alarms. All this can be ably managed by Go4hosting experts.

CloudMonitor offers a chic and up to date array of diagrams and presentation formats through the integrated Dashboard. It supports full-screen presentation and automatic information refreshment. This graphical representation of cloud activity adapts to the appropriate metric presentation in all the varied cases of Alibaba products. CloudMonitor helps to depict metric knowledge simply through this Dashboard. It has been built from scratch to easily support a mixture of temporal and spatial dimensions according to the dimensions of your viewing screen.

CloudMonitor offers a unique Alarm Rules service. By making use of this service, you will receive one or more warning alarms instantly once any exception to security protocols takes place. You have the option to set cohesive alarm rules and notification methods for the exact metrics you want to monitor. This helps to spot and fix the service exceptions with little or no delay. Moreover, it will increase the consistent uptime of your product.

Alibaba CloudMonitor provides an automated process that adds another layer of security to your cloud deployments, because it will discover intrusions and security breaches consistent with the metrics you outline. This may raise (sometimes overprotective) alarms that you can set (or reset, in case they get too throttling for your cloud system) via Social Networking Service (SNS), Social Messaging Service (SMS), and/or email. As a very easy-to-use service, CloudMonitor permits you to automatize the observance and performance of Alibaba Cloud deployments together with servers and databases and custom metrics. This helps you to trace and collect log files and find cogent insights into the use of resources running on Alibaba Cloud. You choose the metrics corresponding to the areas of your cloud system which you want to monitor, and CloudMonitor is able to give insights to reinforce performance in those areas.

With Go4hosting, you can fully leverage the advantages of Alibaba CloudMonitor along with optimal utilization of Alibaba Management Console and Alibaba Cloud documentation.

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