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Alibaba Direct Mail

Alibaba Direct Mail is a basic yet an effective support system of sending email notices.

Alibaba Direct Mail gathers together the separate tasks of emailing rapidly and productively, without the need to manufacture your own email server.

Alibaba Direct Mail is a key item for serving Alibaba's fully owned internet business services.

A huge number of messages are forwarded and sent each day through Direct Mail by Alibaba to Alibaba's Cloud clients. Used with Go4hosting’s prowess in customization, Alibaba Direct Mail can be very helpful and effective for your business.

It is very Fast and Accurate

It has a high speed of mail processing and forwarding it further along the email network. It also helps in controlling the frequency of sending the mails across to other clients, with a programmable strategic emailing functioning process. It is a highly reliable method and it ensures nearly instant delivery to the targeted customers.

It is highly Cost Efficient and effective

with Alibaba Direct Mail, you can make use of the option of Pay-As-You-Go, without any of the limitations generally present, such as minimum usage fees.

It is a highly Accessible and Stable process

The outbound mails are usually stored on various multiple servers and on various databases to provide the stability, scalability and very high accessibility across platforms and applications.

It has Multiple Mail Types present in its functioning, such as

Trigger Mail: It includes the process registration and its confirmation. It also gives the complete data on confirmation of the order. User control is regulated by resetting the password through trigger emails. Also, it shares the transaction notifications with the relevant client upon order completion.

Batch Mail: It includes the notices and the information on product promotions for client companies. The information on journal data and the periodic subscriptions are also shared with this particular part of the Alibaba Direct Mail software.

Every day, Alibaba Direct Mail handles an enormous number and variety of emails, on behalf of large and small companies, including sensitive emails which may include the buyers’ and the sellers’ unique prices, and handles transaction notifications sent to their esteemed clients.

How It Works

Alibaba Direct Mail ensures a steady and high interaction rate across the different mail channels.

The messages can be sent across platforms with the API interface and SMTP interface.

Alibaba Direct Mail gives the email senders administration controls for small framework notifications and gives the client company usage overviews for better and smooth planning of services.

It additionally fills in for the main mailing process if one exists, where it helps in taking care of huge amount of the messages sent directly to the customers.

The Direct Mail provides users three types of access modes:


API- Application Programming Interface

SMTP- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

You can choose any of the required access modes, a decision which is based on your specific business situation, scenario and the requirements of your business.

Console: Here, you can add the Direct Mail service from the Alibaba Cloud console. Once done, you can create a receiver list and choose one of the email pattern-based templates. Now you can send the collective or batch mail with the Alibaba Direct Mail console.

API: In this method the users may write a complete program to request a Direct Mail API in order to transmit the mail data. It further helps in following up on a successful request by the Direct Mail and it will also be responsible for mailing the data to the processing end for completing the delivery process. It also helps and manages the email data by updating the product console.

STMP interface: The users may write a complete program to call and complete the standard SMTP interface for transmitting the mail data. It sends trigger emails or an initial mail through the SMTP interface for establishing usage of Alibaba Direct Mail.

Pricing by the use of Direct mail
The Direct Mail is usually charged along a perspective of quantity of the messages sent by the user, and all the messages are accurately delivered forward. There are, at the present moment, two installment alternatives which are accessible by the users of Alibaba Direct Mail, named the Resource Package and the Pay-As-You-Go model.

Use Cases

It plays a major role in Data Analytics: A mail address lists and helps in business functioning to facilitate the mail list for the company’s sales and marketing management. It also helps to review a wide range of the related statistics, including a large amount of related mailing requests. It tracks the large number of sent emails which are successfully received by the clients. It also shares a list of the failed emails, all the invalid addresses, inaccurate delivery rate, and the unlabeled mails.

It provides mail template: It operates efficiently to send the generic as well as customized messages. Alibaba Direct Mail also provides a huge mail queuing and a planning mechanism to give the output with a high efficiency in order to deliver the mail in time. It also helps to guarantee the user of the productive and successful delivery of every mail.

Multiple Applications: A Direct mail address list also functions to facilitate the marketing activities for upper management. Alibaba Direct Mail also provides a header mail and mail templates, which in turn help to operate and also to send the customized as well as basic messages to customers. Alibaba Direct Mail provides mail queuing and a highly programmable mechanism which expeditiously gives accurate results with high efficiency. It also helps to forward emails to the client easily. It also guarantees in-time delivery to the client’s end.

Alibaba Cloud Services like the Elastic Compute Service are pristinely serviced and customized by Go4hosting’s teams of technical wizards. To benefit from our synergetic partnership, get in touch with our teams, available 24 X 7!

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