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How do I start a reseller hosting business?

Firstly, kudos on starting your own reseller hosting business. To start with there are simple steps to follow. Let's get started with the steps you need to follow before getting to your clients.

Those steps are-

1.) Choosing the right web hosting package- First and foremost you have to select the right web hosting package. There are plenty of packages present in the market but not all of them may suit your business architecture. While selecting the package you need to keep in mind the requirements of your direct customers and what kind of services you are thinking to provide in the future. Check the reliability, reputation, resources, etc. before signing up for any reseller hosting package. One more important thing is that you need to select the right OS out of Linux reseller hosting and Windows reseller hosting.

2.) Create your hosting plans- You have to customize your hosting plans before presenting them in front of your customers. Create the plans in a way so that their pricing can suit and cover a wide variety of customers. Try to keep the charges always below the average market rate so that you can attract more and more customers. Also, try to keep aside some packages for your elite set of customers.

3.) Don't forget to promote your business- Promotion is very essential for any kind of business. Selecting the right control panel would be a good way to start with. Make sure that your company's logo is been displayed on each of your clients website's control panel. This is a very good way to promote your company's name and it should be mentioned in the details of your hosting package. Also do not leave out the social media platforms for the opportunity to market your service. Make effective and impactful social media posts and sell your service loud and clear.

4.) Appoint efficient technical support- Technical support is something you will be needing to appoint for your customers. Technical glitches are inevitable to happen when you are thinking of starting with a service like a reseller hosting. Appoint such customer support executives that are pleasant to talk to and are good at handling technical issues.  

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