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How can I insert custom made Meta tags in my pages?

A Meta tag is an HTML tag that contains information for search engines about a particular site. A Meta tag should be kept in the part of each Web page that you wish to be indexed by the search engines.

Following tags can be considered for placing Meta content:

Title: It is the most prominent element in the site optimization process. Most search engines usually pay extra attention to the keywords that are placed in the title tag.

Description: This tag defines the information of the website when a search engine displays the list of websites.

Keywords: This Meta tag lists the search keywords for a specific website.

To insert custom Meta tags in your Drupal webpage, you should use the Custom Meta module. You can get this module from: https://www.drupal.org/project/custom_meta (It is the official Drupal module repository).

After installing this module, go to the Module section on the administrative dashboard.

Then, enable the module.

The Custom Meta module will enable you to add Meta tags by offering an interface. The custom meta tags will then be added to the HTML head of all non-admin pages.

Now go to, Configuration ->Search and Metadata ->Custom Meta Tag Settings

Now you need to select the Meta attributes, like - property, name, and http-equiv. Also, set the Attributes value and Content value in the forms.

Now your Meta tags have been added to all no-admin content for your Drupal site.

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