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What advantages does an SSD cloud server have over a shared hosting plan?

Every type of web hosting has its unique advantages such as a shared hosting account is the most down to earth model of hosting and is naturally preferred by entry level websites while a dedicated hosting can be the right solution for resource intensive websites that need privacy and security.

In shared hosting, your website operation is entirely managed by the host and you need not look into the technical aspects of hosting. It is also ideal for websites with low traffic that do not need to have root access or installation of custom applications.

In contrast, if your website has to deal with huge volumes of traffic with frequent ups and downs then a shared hosting will restrict performance and cause repeated downtime or slow page loads. This calls for a superior type of hosting such as SSD cloud hosting, that is regarded to significantly boost performance with availability of dynamically scalable resources and faster page load speeds with reduced latency.

SSD-cloud hosting deals with the incremental traffic by hosting your website in the environment of a unified pool of servers. It also supports your website performance with ample amount of resources without any possibility of downtime. This is because even if one of the servers fails, there are other servers in the cluster to take over website operations and provide remarkable business availability.

There are many Advantages of using SSD cloud server over HDD in web hosting. The major benefits are:

  • Faster loading websites
  • Instant content distribution
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Enhanced website performance

There has been a sharp decline in the prices of Solid State Drives. Therefore SSD cloud hosting is set to become an affordable option for those who need greater website performance and faster transfer speeds.

With SSD cloud server, you are free to deploy a multitude of applications to empower your sites performance and visitor experience. Another advantage of SSD cloud server is stability. Since an SSD obviates use of any moving or rotating parts such as a spindle, actuator arm, and latter. The presence of moving parts in Hard Disk Drives may render the drives more prone to damages leading to server crash.

Therefore SSD cloud hosting is considered as more stable than shared hosting. In addition to stability, SSD cloud hosting accelerates the speed of retrieval of data with absolutely no latency.

It can be concluded that cloud server is the right option for websites that need to perform under challenging conditions such as traffic spikes and growing needs for resources. Shared hosting can be considered to be the most suitable type of hosting for low traffic websites.

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