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Quad Core

The term “Quad –Core” is primarily applied to computer processors. When there is a chip in the processor that can be divided into four independent sections or units that can read or execute instructions sent out by the Central Processing Unit like moving or adding data, it is known as a quad-core processor.

A multi core processor is generally preferred over a single core one. This is because when a processor is given a certain instruction through the central processing unit, it can be divided into four smaller tasks by the independent units and the task is therefore performed faster. Each unit does its own work promptly and the entire task is executed in a jiffy.

Although users may not experience the speed improvements when executing daily tasks, the difference would be clearly experienced while multi tasking. As more and more instructions at start getting registered with the processor, they start breaking them up and executing them in tandem.

So, a processor with more number of independent units is bound to provide less turnaround time for executing tasks. However, that should not be the only criterion for choosing a processor. It’s important to assess additional aspects as well before making a choice.

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