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TWO-FACTOR Authentication

Authshield Two-factor Authentication

A hacker's efforts are always directed towards trespassing the security periphery of an organization or attacking the users who are ignorant of security threats.

This is where Two Factor Authentication secures you against all the nasty cyber threats.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

The arrival of avant-garde technology and tools has made hackers active in targeting users and involving in data tampering. They usually interfere with the activities of users who may pay no heed to security measures and become the victims of an organized crime syndicate.

Organizations like you, across the globe are emerging as the vulnerable spots for a novice striving to sharpen his skills or a dexterous hacker trying to steal your sensitive data.

This makes it critical for you to tighten security bases, impeding hackers to move towards the demilitarized zone (DMZ) of your organization. Think data security, think two factor authentication from

We Offer High-Quality Two-Factor Authentication Systems

AuthShield Soft Token is a high-end security model that generates a one-time password (OTP), which is texted to you on your registered mobile number or emailed. In fact, your mobile phone or email account is transformed into a protective agent receiving a One Time Password.

The OTP is a constantly changing and secure two-factor authentication password that completely restricts the activities of hackers.

Key Characteristics of AuthShield Soft Token

  • Elimination of hardware or software deployment on a user's computer or mobile phone
  • Provision for accurate identity authentication for temporary employees, contractors or vendors
  • Compatible to mobile phones and computers, irrespective of brand and model
  • Compatible to multiple messaging systems to ensure seamless delivery of SMS
  • Multiple user accessibility from different locations.

AuthShield Hard Token is a highly economical process to safeguard the activities performed by large employee base.

This solution makes the organization capable of providing overall safety against identity thefts and is apt for logging into VPN, critical applications, Active Directory, LDAP, to mention a few.

The hard token allows you to access a new password every 90 seconds. The time duration has been determined based on the duration of authentication request time out and increases the effectiveness of the tokens.

The tokens are designed after comprehensive security analysis using a patent pending process.

Key Characteristics of AuthShield Hard Token

  • Least time synchronization problem is expected while designing patent pending process
  • One time sign on attempt is required to log into LDAP or MS Active Directory
  • Token promotion is achieved using its whitelisting feature
  • Each token is awarded life time warranty
  • Encryption algorithm blended with time and a unique identifier is hard to tamper.

Mobile based token is one of the optimal solutions with indispensable security needs.

Integrated with GPRS technology and 2G/3G enabled connection, the software promptly validates the end-user by setting up a connection with AAA server. The software is easy to install and use on almost all smart phones including Blackberry, Android, and iPhone.

Key Characteristics of AuthShield Hard Token

  • Exclusion of hardware deployment
  • Provision for accurate identity authentication for senior management
  • Compatible to smart phones without regard to brand
  • Compatible to multiple messaging systems to ensure seamless delivery of SMS
  • Multiple user accessibility from different locations.

Call us now at 1800 212 2022 and get your Two Factor Authentication activated.

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I was looking for website authentication services to save my site from the cyber criminals. Thus, I trusted on Go4hosting and hired their two factor authentications. Their security is unbelievable and of worth. So, why not! I have trusted Go4hosting and you.

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