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Boost up the business. Cut back the danger. Rationalize with SAP on Azure from Go4hosting

Reinventing the SAP estate and migrating it towards the cloud widens a brand new sphere of options for client’s business. However if they don’t have the proper skills and experience to manage the migration, they will be putting their valuable business systems and information in to risk.

Assign the SAP migration in secure hands. Know why Go4hosting is basically the best partner to assist customers transforming SAP onto Azure.

Enhance the measure and performance with SAP-certified framework

Introduce unique performance to the complete SAP estate with Azure. Faithfully execute and deploy well-liked SAP product and various solutions at intervals across a safe, ascendable and industry driven cloud interface.

Execute the SAP applications within a very strong and durable cloud configuration which reflects the widened world footprint, the most important compliance case, security, industry proven SLAs and enterprise driven assistance. Azure facilitates the biggest SAP HANA workloads of any hyperscale cloud service provider.

Migration of present SAP HANA into Azure

So as to migrate an already existing SAP HANA system into Azure, a SAP unvaried system replication is conducted. A brand new replacement virtual machine with ‘SUSE UNIX ‘operating system is technically deployed along with the activation of the precise SAP application which has been enforced. As an element of the SAP Software Provisioning Manager (SWPM) activation method, an import process is conducted from the last export of the SAP HANA information.

Deploying SAP HANA for Production Use

SAP has authentically certified the deployment method of SAP BW over SAP HANA as well as S/4HANA for the Azure GS5 virtual machine sort (enabling at most 448GB in-memory database) and SAP BW along with SAP Business Suite across huge examples for SAP HANA over Azure (at most 3TB in-memory). This offers the foremost durability and affordable approach of a public cloud provider for various SAP HANA solutions.

Major advantages of SAP on Azure

  • Security

    With over twenty five trade compliance and authentic certifications, Azure assures that customers’ critical organizational applications execute across a safe and durable interface which safeguards the clients’ files. And customer within a decent company: eighty fifth percent of Fortune five hundred companies believe Azure.

  • Affordability

    Transforming to the Azure interface permits customers to scale back their IT framework prices by about 45% to 75%. Design additional over what customers have even got put in, and revel in simple integration via the biggest network of safe, confidential connections with Azure.

  • Integration

    Azure is over simply framework: it additionally provides simple integration with different business based applications, together with Office365.

  • Performance & on-demand

    Azure offers the customers with the high computing power to execute their SAP based applications, together with HANA as well as S/4 workloads, easily. It continuously offers the simplest customer expertise. Azure based pay-as-you-go service permits the customers to rapidly rescale or down, and assures that customers simply ought not to purchase what they don’t utilize.

  • Reliability

    Azure has the biggest cloud footprint of any respective cloud service provider (42 regions). This highly minimizes the danger of an interruption. Boost a wealth of integral availableness and disaster recovery options, as well as their systems are absolute to stay obtainable the least bit times.

  • Flexibility

    Azure cloud based data centers are at customers’ one click away. Supply customers’ SAP atmosphere once they require them. Deploy latest systems instantly; whether or not they wish them for brand latest projects, coaching or testing functions, they’ll be prepared and obtainable to them within hours instead of weeks or months.

  • Productivity

    Azure could be a option wealthy interface offering a link of their business applications towards all quite completely different technology updates such as quality, data + Analytics, IoT (Internet of Things), AI + psychological feature Services and last however not least Security + Indentity. Azure is far over simply an IaaS platform

How Go4hosting will assist you


We perform with our customers to examine their desires and outline the foremost economical approach for transforming their SAP systems to the cloud.

Best practices

We hold reference infrastructures and most suitable practices from our earlier assignments, verified by our clients, to provide the foremost appropriate SAP on Azure design. This particular approach permits us to maneuver the SAP systems to the cloud within a quicker, safer, as well as most significantly in a trusty manner.


As an individual point of connection, we tend to not solely take possession of the migration towards the cloud, however we tend to additionally still assist the customers within the economical and effective functions of the surroundings with proactive, innovative and reactive services.

  • SAP HANA over Azure (Large Instances) offer purpose-made SAP certified hardware along with single-tenant bare-metal performance to manage the biggest SAP HANA workloads (at most three TB of RAM) of a hyper-scale public cloud service provider.
  • The latest SAP HANA on Azure solutions comprises the various set of benefits.
  • It offers at most 32-cores of processor and 448 GB of memory for the Azure GS5 virtual machine sort as well as three TB of memory for SAP HANA across Azure (Large Instances) as performance.
  • Azure Premium Storage support allows at most of a pair of 2,000 MB/sec of storage turnout, over twice the alternative public cloud service provider.
  • Highest information measure: The GS5 virtual machine sort provides across twenty GB/s of network bandwidth, additionally over twice the network via offered by the alternative public cloud service provider.
  • SAP certified: SAP possess certified SAP Business Warehouse (BW) on SAP HANA executing over Azure GS5 still as SAP HANA One.
  • Furthermore to this, for production use, SAP has authentically certified SAP BW, SAP Business Suite, as well as S/4HANA executing on SAP HANA over Azure (Large Instances).
  • SAP and Microsoft carry an extended history of operating along during a robust partnership which has common advantages for their users.
  • Microsoft is continually modifying its platform and depositing latest certification details to SAP so as to confirm Microsoft Azure is the most suitable interface over which to execute the SAP workloads.

Our customers’ transformation is going to be handled by top industry leading experts. We have precisely performed with SAP and Microsoft closely for over a decade (in fact we are also SAP certified). Our professional groups operate hand to hand with Microsoft’s, therefore we have detailed information and access to their merchandise and services.

We’ve the world footprint, experience, various resources and distinctive toolsets to provide it. We possess an end-to-end case for framework and several applications migration, embraced by our world partner environment.

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