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Hadoop As A

Avail the best haddop hosting solutions provided at Go4hosting.

Hadoop is an open source, data management framework that provides an array of tools to carry out the tasks allied to Big Data. It offers scalable, reliable, and distributed computing, enabling businesses to quickly store and analyze unstructured and semi-structured data sets. Hadoop prudently fosters data-intensive applications that run on large clusters and grids to support the core activities of a business. Go4hosting offers bespoke Hadoop-as-a-Service and other hosting services to clients across different verticals.

Buoyed by fully-resilient data centers across multiple geographical locations, we ensure ultimate level of flexibility and scalability to Hadoop users. Our operational excellence combined with business acumen has always proved instrumental in deriving tangible business benefits. Our Hadoop experts not only provide framework deployment support for cluster management, but also perform round the clock monitoring to keep your business up and running.

Why Hadoop?

Distributed data and computation prevents network overhead and unwanted traffic
  • Easy to set up and can be operated on any hardware commodity

  • Can run even on PCs and smartphones that support Linux and Java programs

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) ensures easy access and can store large data files

  • Replicates data across multiple nodes (Default replication value is 3)

  • Powerful fault tolerant engine that automatically detects and fixes faults in a node

  • Embedded with capabilities to process huge amount of data

  • Offers lowest latency and high data throughput access

Our range of offerings include the following

Why Choose Go4hosting?

Go4hosting provides unparalleled levels of service for its customers.
  • Elasticity

    Our N+1 resilient data centers allow businesses to quickly dial up and dial down the computing and storage capacities to accommodate the wide variety of workloads.

  • Technical Support

    Our certified team of experts is always available at our clients’ discretion to assist them with their coherent solutions.

  • Time to Focus

    Right from setting up the clusters to managing the nodes, our experts can manage Hadoop environment efficiently. It allows businesses to focus on strategic initiatives and betters overall customer satisfaction.

  • Anti-Virus Protection on Dedicated Servers


    We have deployed robust and transparent security controls at all levels – right from firewalls to physical security – to protect your sensitive data against all disruptions. In addition to this, we perform security assessments and technical security tests on a regular basis for holistic protection.

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