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YOURLS Hosting

YOURLS is an abbreviated form of ‘Your Own URL Shortener’ and is a self hosted solution to facilitate running your own URL shortening service similar to bitly or TinyURL. It lets you impart branding to your short URLs and offers a distinct way of using your own service instead of depending on public URL shortener services like everyone else. YOURLS is a set of PHP scripts that makes URL shortening, an enjoyable experience and liberates you from depending on third party services. It improves traffic generation by making it convenient for your users to share your URL. YOURLS offers deeper insights into your audience since it is a great source of important reporting data.

Go4hosting is the most dependable hosting service provider with more than a decade’s experience of supporting wide gamut of web projects and software applications. We own and operate top tiered data centers and guarantee 99.95% SLA backed network uptime for assured website availability.

Why choose YOURLS Script?

  • It can be used for private or public purpose and lets you run your own URL shortening service
  • You can implement new features without any hassles due to Traffic Plugin architecture
  • Enables creation of sequential or custom URL keyword
  • User friendly installer with full jsnop support
  • Enables sharing and shortening of links with handy boomarklets.

Go4hosting range of offerings

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4hosting for YOURLS Hosting?

Superior and developer friendly hosting environment offered by Go4hosting is ideal for hosting business critical application of YOURLS software. We host your applications on our ultra-fast servers to boost performance and our multi-layered security systems offer unmatched protection to your vital data.
  • Reliable Dedicated Server

    Quick YOURLS setup

    Installation of YOURLS with help of our user friendly control panel is a breeze. Our technical experts ensure that YOURLS is installed flawlessly for a wonderful output without any hiccups. We ensure that your applications are constantly updated with the latest security settings.

  • Flexible infrastructure

    Our carrier neutral networking infrastructure offers flexibility of choice by providing multiple telecommunication networks. We ensure that your web projects are robustly supported by abundant availability of resources so that you are able to establish a sound web footprint.

  • Reliable hosting

    Go4hosting is reputed as a dependable host due to stringent adherence to SLAs and rigid implementation of security guidelines. We guarantee seamless website performance with our assurance of 99.95% network uptime.

  • firewall applications on Dedicated Server

    Seamless customization

    You can bank on our unmatched ability to offer tailor-made hosting solutions that match your business priorities. We have developed vast pools of resources that are backed by redundant power supply and a sophisticated networking infrastructure to support your ambitious growth plans with 100% customizable solutions.

  • Security and monitoring

    Our six zone security measures are designed to protect your vital applications from any unwarranted intrusions or cyber attacks. We use sophisticated performance monitoring tools to ascertain that your YOURLS application is running smoothly.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed on Enterprise Dedicated Server

    Technical support

    Our dedicated YOURLS technical experts are ready to assist you in resolving any types of technical glitches. You are provided an easy access to our technical experts by using telephone, email, or live chat.

Your search for a reliable hosting partner for your hosting requirements ends with Go4hosting. Talk to our experts for more information about our impressive spectrum of hosting solutions.
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