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Version Control

Version control is a software solution that helps in efficient organization of various versions of a file, software or website in the course of their editing or development stages. The application keeps a master copy of the files on a central server repository allowing individual team members to move a working copy of the file onto their computer for editing. Every team member can work independently on the file. The system prevents anyone from overwriting the work of another team member. Once the desired changes are made to the working copy, it is uploaded to the server repository to allow others access the most updated version.

Go4hosting is a reputed web and cloud hosting service known for our fully customizable premium hosting solutions. Experts regard us as the best hosting service provider because our services and customer support are extremely reliable. Our powerful servers run on the latest technologies and offer seamless connectivity and high speed.

Why Select Version Control Hosting:

  • It allows developers, editors, and other team members to view previous versions of files, or restore earlier versions.
  • Several parallel copies of the entire code base can exist simultaneously.
  • Allows risk-taking as features and bug fixing experiments can be undone if they fail to deliver the desired results.
  • Offers a high level of collaboration amongst teams and members
  • Every team member can view and resolve any conflicts on the copy before they commit their copy to the repository.

Go4hosting range of offerings

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4hosting For Version Control Hosting:

Go4hosting has been acclaimed by hosting experts and by our growing family of satisfied clients as one of the web hosting providers. With our 15 plus years of industry experience and unrivaled expertise we are the go-to hosting service for most organizations looking for a reliable web and cloud hosting service provider. Our technical experts are capable of delivering the best hosting solutions that your business needs for a smooth and hassle-free experience.
  • Custom solutions

    We offer fully customizable hosting solutions and plans to precisely match the unique requirements of your organization.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed on Enterprise Dedicated Server


    We have a dedicated technical team that works round the clock to make sure you have a trouble-free and enjoyable hosting experience at all times.

  • Dedicated Server India

    High Network Uptime

    We guarantee 99.95% uptime and best-in-class data and asset security to deliver a great hosting experience to companies of all sizes.

  • Scalable Infrastructure

    We offer a highly flexible and scalable infrastructure that allows businesses to make the best use of our edge technology and features for meeting their growing demands.

  • Security

    Our advanced security features are designed to keep all your vital data and business critical information fully protected.

  • Performance

    We guarantee consistently top grade performance as our systems are powered by best quality original hardware and branded IT components.

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