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Sizzle Hosting

Sizzle is a pure JavaScript CSS selector engine that is developed to be swiftly dropped into your host library. It provides more meaningful error messages while encountering problems with syntax and offers remarkable performance for commonly used selectors. Sizzle can be used independent of jQuerry for operating a CSS engine by obviating advantages of jQuerry's JavaScript features. Sizzle enables you to avoid using your browser's DOM interface for obtaining DOM reference.

Go4hosting is the most sought after developer friendly web hosting service provider with vast domain experience of more than a decade. We ensure that our clients are able to establish their web footprint with guaranteed network uptime backed by reliable resources of top tiered data centers.

Why select Sizzle Plugin?

  • Absolutely standalone solution with no dependency on libraries
  • Provides user friendly API with outstanding extensibility
  • Requires no browser sniffing
  • Performs remarkably for most commonly used selectors
  • Enables clear IP assignment
  • Lightweight and intuitive
  • Uses only single code path

Go4hosting range of offerings

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4hosting for Sizzle Hosting?

Go4hosting is your right hosting partner since we host Sizzle application on our blazing fast servers that boost performance of your critical applications with assurance of 99.95% SLA backed uptime. Our rigid adherence to security protects your vital
  • Custom-built hosting

    We understand your unique hosting requirements and ensure that your requirements are fulfilled without an iota of deviation. Our highly scalable infrastructure is well-equipped to scale up to your growing needs of hosting.

  • Security

    Our stringent security measures are designed to offer seamless protection to your vital data and applications. We have in place six zone security systems to ensure unmatched security of network and physical assets. We conduct frequent audit checks and continuously monitor all security systems to ensure unfaltering protection of clients' business data.

  • Infrastructure

    Go4hosting owns and operates state of the art Tier III data centers that are designed for N+1 redundancy and impregnable security. You can bank on our seamless network connectivity and unwavering support of top tiered data centers for reliable business availability and robust web presence. We stringently adhere to SLAs and guarantee 99.95% network connectivity.

  • Dedicated Server India

    Premium bandwidth

    We empower your websites with premium and low latency bandwidth that is persistent and reliable. The high bandwidth helps you operate and manage your business from any location.

  • Performance

    Go4hosting procures all hardware components from industry leading vendors and use top-of-the-line equipment for impeccable performance your websites and web applications. Our enterprise class servers are designed to put you ahead of competition.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed on Enterprise Dedicated Server

    Technical support

    Our dedicated technical experts are available round the clock to solve any technical glitches in relation to Sizzle application. You can access these experts anytime through multiple modes of communications.

You can safely bank on Go4hosting for any type of hosting solution to implement your mission critical web applications. Contact our experts without any further delay to find more.
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