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ProjectSend Hosting

ProjectSend offers an alternative option to email or other third party options for delivering files in a secure manner. This self-hosted software solution is made in php and MySQL databases. Since the files are hosted on your account you can maintain privacy and integrity of files without involving any third party for delivering files to your clients. Alternatively, ProjectSend can also be used by your client for delivering their files. It provides an exhaustive log and feedback to keep you updated about every instance file uploading and downloading in the system.

Go4hosting is a reputed hosting service provider with proven expertise of hosting wide array of hosting solutions. We have all the capabilities for providing you a seamlessly optimized ProjectSend hosting experience backed by blazing fast servers.

Why select ProjectSend?

  • Offers a safe and reliable alternative for secure handling and delivery of private files by obviating involvement of a third party email service provider
  • It is easy to upload files by assigning to individuals, clients, or groups as per requirements of project and thereby can serve any type of delivery option.
  • ProjectSend is designed to work both ways. It also provides your clients ability to upload files to their accounts.
  • Obviates need to wait for email attachments and offers a new way to receive feedback
  • Offers outstanding control and comprehensive details of every event to administrators including specific instances of editing, uploading, and downloading by individuals
  • Provides a safe and economical alternative of file sharing to NGOs, companies, professionals, and distributors
  • Enables detailed statistics and significantly improves the workflow

Go4hosting range of offerings

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4hosting for ProjectSend?

Go4hosting understands importance of website availability for file sharing application such as ProjectSend and provides unswerving network connectivity. Our clients are assured of our scalable architecture, seamless uptime, and high bandwidth to ensure that their websites and vital web applications are always up and running. Go4Hosting promises blazing fast performance of ProjectSend file sharing application by hosting it on high performing web server in seamlessly secured environment.
  • Assured connectivity

    We offer SLA backed network uptime of 99.95% for your business critical websites as well as applications, backed by carrier neutral facility to help you choose your preferred telecom partner from an array of industry leading service providers.

  • Security

    All our security related systems including biometric access control measures, CCTV, and mantraps are perpetually monitored to block unwarranted intrusion attempts.

  • Reliable Dedicated Server

    Enterprise class networking

    We ensure that all networking equipment and hardware components are sourced from industry leading vendors and are constantly monitored for seamless performance by our technical experts.

  • Dedicated Server India


    We empower your mission critical applications with persistent, reliable and low latency bandwidth.

  • Well equipped data centers

    We support our clients with unbeatable infrastructure of our Tier III data centers that are designed for built-in redundancy and robust security to ensure uninterrupted performance of your websites and web applications.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed on Enterprise Dedicated Server


    Our multiple means of communications provide easy and 24x7x365 access to technical experts for guaranteed resolution of any query or a technical glitch with quick turnaround.

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