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Mautic Hosting

Mautic is a powerful software designed for marketing automation. It helps organizations gain control of their marketing efforts by ensuring deeper understanding of their audiences. It also helps establish a dialogue with target audiences and enhances business relationship on long term basis. There are multiple ways, Mautic can assist organizations. It enables creation of forms to help you design sharp focused marketing campaigns by collecting valuable and highly relevant information. You can enhance your social media marketing efforts, effectively manage your sales leads, and also leverage email marketing with Mautic.

Go4hosting is one of the top web hosting providers and is backed by support of top tiered data centers. Go4hosting has gained enviable reputation of serving small and large organizations over a decade.

Why select Mautic Application ?

  • Builds active Social Media Marketing into your campaigns: Mautic helps you experience power of SMM by enabling you to establish meaningful communications to interact with your audience right on their social platforms. You are able to generate keywords, hash-tags, and build lists just to name a few
  • Highly customizable form builder helps you design useful forms for gathering valuable information, creation of segments, dissemination of content, or marketing of webinars.
  • Enables email marketing with unlimited capability of sending mass emails and sending personalized emails to vital leads. Mautic easily integrates with your existing third party solutions. Mautic helps you track clicks, know email opening, send follow-up communications and much more.
  • Helps you fine-tune your marketing efforts with in-depth campaign feedback report generated from each and every campaign.
  • Helps you nurture individual contacts by tracking known as well as anonymous contacts with powerful features including page views, dwell time, and individual interests.
  • User friendly and flexible campaign management functionality helps you define events as well as actions. It also automates connecting with contacts and nurturing trough the sales funnel for assured conversions.

Go4hosting range of offerings

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4hosting for Mautic Hosting ?

We have always been in the forefront of web hosting and understand that your marketing efforts need fast and reliable networks. We ensure ultra fast page loading speeds and predictable website availability with 99.95% SLA backed network uptime for impeccable performance of your business critical marketing software.
  • Dedicated Server India

    Fast edge servers

    We ensure that your site is able to achieve the fastest page load speeds it deserves. We host your site on power packed SSD servers and use enterprise class hardware components to ensure flawless performance of your web applications.

  • State of the art infrastructure

    We own and operate state of the art Tier III data center facilities that are designed to provide 99.95% network uptime backed by SLAs. We support our clients' web projects with highly redundant resources of power and cooling facilities.

  • Flexible network support

    Our carrier neutral infrastructure offers flexibility by providing wide range of industry leading telecommunication networks to choose from. We ensure your critical software applications are seamlessly supported by assured availability of resources such as premium bandwidth and much more.

  • Dependable scalability

    We appreciate your need to grow without any constraints of resource availability. Our scalable infrastructure provides guarantee of instant resource provisioning to accommodate your growing business needs.

  • Multi layered security

    Our multi-layered security measures ensure flawless network as well as physical security of your data and equipments. We implement stringent security standards and provide impregnable protection to avoid downtime and loss of business.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed on Enterprise Dedicated Server


    We have devoted teams of Mautic experts to look after your technical issues with faster turnaround at any given time. They can be easily accessed by live chat, email, or telephone to resolve your Mautic application related queries.

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