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Laravel Hosting

Laravel is a high performance PHP framework for developing powerful applications. It follows the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern architecture and facilitates ease of modularizing the codes by offering variety of tools to make it appear clean and easily readable. Laravel seamlessly maintains its functionality and yet retains focus on elegance. Getting started with Laravel is extremely easy, thanks to its remarkable documentation. Its modular packaging system helps you package and share code with bundles. It offers a truly gratifying development experience. Simplicity of framework and terseness of code considerably reduce time to writ codes while working with Laravel.

Go4Hosting is your trustworthy hosting partner that offers development-friendly environment by supporting a plethora of web applications and software. We guarantee 99.95% network uptime, premium bandwidth and rock solid support of top tiered data center facilities to make sure that your web applications are always up and running.

Why select Laravel Framework software?

  • Offers an excellent routing system that enables an easy approach to routing since the route can be triggered in the application with remarkable resilience and control
  • Offers multiple API for various caching system
  • Offers out of the box functionality for unit testing with a phpunit.xml file
  • Facilitates a modern as well as maintainable PHP with help of a simple authentication, ease of routing, amazing ORM, and a robust queue library
  • Provides an intuitive interface to run database queries
  • Can be easily customized to cater to requirements of team working

Go4Hosting range of offerings

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4Hosting for running Laravel Framework?

Go4Hosting is the most reputed and reliable hosting provider, backed by high end facilities of top tiered data centers. We empower Laravel Framework application with blazing fast page load speeds and 99.95% network uptime, backed by SLAs.
  • Enterprise grade infrastructure

    We provide automatic failover capabilities backed by data replication technologies to maintain uninterrupted access to your databases and support Laravel Framework with top tiered data center infrastructure.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed on Enterprise Dedicated Server

    Technical support

    Go4Hosting enables seamless access to Laravel technical experts, for attending to your queries. We have dedicated teams of technical personnel that are perpetually available through email, telephone, or live chat.

  • Reliable Dedicated Server

    Enterprise class storage

    We attach great significance to your mission critical applications and provide state of the art Solid State Drives (SSD) for unremitting integrity and security of your data.

  • Single-click installation

    You can rest assured that your Laravel Framework application will be deployed instantly as per your customized requirements with no scope for failure or issues.

  • Dedicated Server India

    Unmatched performance

    We offer well-appointed services of Tier III data centers and use top-of-the-line hardware components for power packed and seamless performance of your critical applications.

  • Multi layered security

    We have in place six zone security systems to guarantee unparalleled protection of your digital assets. You can always bank on our high end surveillance systems and continuous CCTV monitoring to prevent any unwelcome intrusion.

If you need a trustworthy hosting partner for your mission critical hosting needs, then contact our knowledgeable experts to know more about our fast, reliable and secure hosting services.
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Relax, we have you covered. At Go4hosting, we go the extra mile to keep our customers satisfied. We are always looking out for opportunities to offer our customers “extra” with every service. Contact our technical helpdesk and we’d be more than happy to assist you with your Cloud hosting, Colocation Server, VPS hosting, dedicated Server or reseller hosting setup. Get in touch with us and we’d cover all your hosting needs, however bizarre they might be.

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