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ionCube Hosting

ionCube offers a fascinating array of smart tools that are designed to secure your PHP based software from being run on unlicensed devices. It also helps protect source code from being hacked or edited. ionCube is a UK based enterprise offering unique tools including PHP encoder, Package Foundry, Bundler, and ionCube24. PHP encoder helps encode PHP scripts with compiled bytecode for enhanced performance and security. It also facilitates adding readable comments to encoded files for custom copyright, license to name just a few. ionCube loader is a PHP extension that is designed for reading and executing encoded files and ensures that encrypted PHP code cannot be read by human users.

Go4Hostingis the most established hosting provider that offers the finest and the most comprehensive suite of web hosting solutions to small as well as large sized organizations. We are committed to offer ultimate hosting experience by stringently following SLAs to meet expectations of our clients.

Why selectionCube?

  • Ensures ultimate performance and protection of PHP scripts
  • Prevents file tampering with enabling digital signatures
  • It also facilitates encryption of non-PHP files including templates and XML
  • Enables encoding of PHP shell scripts
  • Enables restricted access to encoded files by creating license files
  • Prevents unauthorized files from replacing your PHP files

Go4Hosting range of offerings

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4Hosting for IonCube Hosting?

Go4Hosting is the most reputed and trustworthy web hosting partner to run mission critical web based applicationsinits development friendly environment. We host your mission critical IonCube software on the most reliable and powerful web servers for unmatched performance and support your application with 99.95% network uptime by rigidly adhering to SLAs.
  • Persistent bandwidth

    We empower your websites with premium and low latency bandwidth that is reliable and persistent. The high bandwidth helps you operate and manage your software applications from any location.

  • Webpage caching

    We empower your website’s performance with built-in caching technique that nullifies chances of server overload or failure to eliminate downtime and improve your web presence.

  • Go4hosting Guaranteed Uptime

    Reliable performance

    We procure all hardware components from industry leading vendors and use enterprise class equipment to ensure impeccable performance of our hosting services. Our mission critical servers are built to boost availability of web applications.

  • Uncompromised security

    We protect your critical data with our multi-layered physical as well as network security measures. You can focus on your core competencies without worrying about any intrusion attempt or virus attack.

  • Dedicated Server India

    Flexible network

    Our carrier neutral data center infrastructure offers you flexibility of choosing froman array of industry leading telecom serviceproviders.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed on Enterprise Dedicated Server

    Technical support

    Our dedicated ionCubetechnical experts are available to attend to your support requests on round the clock basis via email, live chat, or phone at anytime.

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