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ERP Hosting in India

ERP is an acronym of Enterprise Resource Planning and is implemented by using web based integrated software systems for optimization and efficient management of internal as well as external resources of an enterprise. ERP software solution is commonly used for integration of staff, materials, finances, and other physical assets. It offers a centralized database and avoids data duplication to establish user friendly and robust reporting systems that can cover entire aspects of organizational working. ERP software solutions maintain a uniform look and appearance throughout the system to facilitate ease of training. Common ERP solutions cover product lifecycle management, distribution, human resources, and financial accounting.

Go4Hosting has been offering benchmark hosting services to customers from all industry domains for more than a decade. We have gained proven expertise of offering wide array of ERP solutions to our clients by strictly following SLAs and adhering to stringent norms of security.

Why select ERP software ?

  • Offers a user friendly interface to control all sections of an organization
  • Streamlines business processes to simplify easy access to real time data
  • Improves quality and efficiency of customer service and enables more productive customer engagements
  • Helps reduce costs by keeping track of all business processes
  • Improves integrity and consistency of data by establishing a single location for data collection
  • Simplifies reporting systems by customization and facilitates handling, processing, analyzing and generation of complex data without relying on IT teams
  • Effectively eliminate repetitive and manual processes
  • Enhances overall security and accuracy of data

Go4Hosting range of offerings

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4Hosting for ERP Hosting ?

Go4Hosting is your ideal partner for running ERP solutions such as Odoo, WebERP, OrangeHRM, Dolibarr, and FrontAccounting to name a few, because it supports ultra fast page loading speeds to match performance and agility of these sophisticated solutions. We host your business critical software on enterprise class servers for unswerving performance and protect your databases with stringent security measures.
  • Tailor-made hosting

    We are committed to fulfill your unique requirements of hosting ERP software by conforming to your hosting requirements without any compromise.

  • Fine tuned infrastructure

    We own and operate state of the art Tier III data center infrastructure that is designed for redundancy and impenetrable security in addition to seamless network connectivity and unwavering bandwidth availability.

  • Security

    Our six zone security systems ensure unmatched protection of your digital assets. We conduct frequent audit checks and continuously monitor all security systems to ensure unfaltering protection of clients’ business data.

  • Dedicated Server India

    Excellent connectivity

    We stringently adhere to SLAs and guarantee 99.95% network connectivity. We empower your critical applications with premium and low latency bandwidth that is reliable and seamlessly persistent.

  • Ultra-reliable performance

    We source all hardware components from industry leading vendors and use enterprise class equipment to ensure impeccable performance of your ERP resource.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed on Enterprise Dedicated Server

    Technical support

    Our dedicated technical experts are available round the clock to solve any technical glitches in relation to ERP software and can be easily accessed via email, telephone, or live chat.

Go4Hosting caters to all your hosting requirements by providing enterprise class data center facilities and functionalities of mission critical servers. Get in touch with our technical experts to know more.
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Relax, we have you covered. At Go4hosting, we go the extra mile to keep our customers satisfied. We are always looking out for opportunities to offer our customers “extra” with every service. Contact our technical helpdesk and we’d be more than happy to assist you with your Cloud hosting, Colocation Server, VPS hosting, dedicated Server or reseller hosting setup. Get in touch with us and we’d cover all your hosting needs, however bizarre they might be.

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