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Flot Hosting

Flot is a JavaScript plotting solution for jQuery. The application aims to provide a sleek appearance while offering a selection of interactive features. Building an attractive graph becomes extremely easy with Flot. All you have to do is create your placeholder, ensure that there are dimensions and call the plot function for your data set to finish the process. Flot supports a broad range of graphs including lines, points, bars, filled areas and any combination of these options. Flot is gaining increasing adoption in the current data and analytics driven business environment.

Go4hosting provides impeccable cloud and web hosting solutions for organizations looking to host Flot. It is the preferred choice of companies looking for a hosting service that is performance oriented and customer-centric. We have the technology and the expertise to deliver hosting solutions that can take care of all your enterprise needs.

Why Select Flot Hosting ?

  • Allows use of symbols other than circles for points
  • Makes data thresholding possible
  • Crosshair plugin makes tracking curves possible
  • Selection Plugin makes it easy to plot time series and visitors per day
  • Users can create customized stacked charts
  • Image plugin can be used for plotting pre-rendered images
  • Multiple axes and interaction made possible within the axes
  • Filled areas can be used to plot percentiles
  • Users can create pie charts

Go4hosting range of offerings

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4Hosting For Flot Hosting ?

  • Reliable Dedicated Server

    Fastest Deployment

    Our servers‚ powered by cutting-edge technologies are deployed to your website in the quickest possible time to allow you to go online within no time.

  • Dedicated Server India

    High Bandwidth

    All our server hosting plans come with high bandwidth features. You can operate and manage your day-to-day business affairs from any geographical location now.

  • High Network Availability

    We offer leading-edge technologies backed by redundant power supplies. We offer one of the best failover functionalities that have been carefully developed to guarantee high network availability.

  • firewall applications on Dedicated Server


    You can choose from our large offering of tools and templates to customize server functions and features to match your business needs and optimize results.

  • Reliable Customer Service

    Our reliable customer service team is always available to assist you if you need help in managing your systems or want any information regarding the hosting service you have selected.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed on Enterprise Dedicated Server

    24X7 Tech Support

    Our dedicated team of technicians has expertise in Flot hosting and ready to serve you by providing round the clock support.

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