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eyeOS Hosting

eyeOS is a virtual desktop solution that integrates web as well as non-web applications by allowing easy access from a simple web browser. It facilitates detachment from local device to enable users, freedom of access at workplaces and also while on the go. eyeOS is based on HTML5 virtualization that ensures complete isolation from local machines so that users are able to access operating systems without relying on local agents. By installing eyeOS, one is able to access all capabilities of any regular desktop including spreadsheets, mail client, file manager, MS Word, and so forth. It allows you to save files similar to saving these on physical desktops and provides assured access from anyplace and at anytime.

Go4hosting is one of the most established and reliable hosting service providers. We have been offering an amazing array of ultrareliable web hosting solutions to clients from all domains of industries and assure seamless uptime by rigidly adhering to SLAs.

Why select eyeOS?

  • Provides 100% compatibility with any Windows or Linux applications.
  • Works as a single virtual desktop for seamless integration of virtual applications and cloud file management.
  • Obviates need for local software installation and provides access to entire work environment with an HTML5 browser.
  • Works as a powerful resource for central management of user’s workplace.
  • Provides assured availability and optimum consumption of resources.
  • Saves old PCs and legacy applications from becoming obsolete.
  • Helps extend life of existing PCs as well as business applications.
  • Provides high degree of customization to strengthen relationship between employees and organizations by transforming a mundane desktop into a vibrant corporate work space.
  • Allows remarkable cost savings by leveraging existing IT assets to meet ever increasing demands of user expectations, applications, and new devices.

Go4hosting range of offerings

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4hosting for EyeOS?

Go4hostingunderstandsimportance of your mission critical virtual desktop application and hosts eyeOS on enterprise class servers that are built by using branded hardware components. Our ultra reliabledata center facilities ensure unswerving performance and assured online presence of your web applications.
  • Uncompromised networking

    We boost online availability of your business critical websites as well as applications by ensuring SLA backed network uptime of 99.95%. Our carrier neutral facility further allows freedom to choose your preferred telecom partner from an array of industry leading service providers.

  • Multi-layered Security

    Go4hosting provides flawless network and physical security to protect your critical data and applications from cyber attacks and unwelcome intrusions. All our security related systems including biometric access control measures, CCTV, and mantraps are perpetually monitored for any unwarranted intrusion attempts.

  • Reliable Dedicated Server

    Enterprise class facilities

    :We procureenterprise grade networking equipment and branded hardware components from industry leading vendors.The complete networking framework is supported by redundant power supply and dependable failover functionality to ensure unmatched website availability.

  • Low latency bandwidth

    Go4hosting empowers your mission critical applications with persistent, reliable and premium bandwidth. Our clients are assured of our scalable architecture, dependable uptime, and high bandwidth to ensure that their websites and critical web applications are always up and running.

  • Top tiered data centers

    We support our clients with unbeatable infrastructure of our Tier III data centers are designed for built-in redundancy and robust security to ensure uninterrupted performance of your websites and web applications. Our data center facilities are situated in low seismic zones for assured safety.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed on Enterprise Dedicated Server


    Our multiple means of communications provide easy access to technical experts. If you have any query regarding operation of eyeOS or are facing any technical glitch, you can instantly access our dedicated eyeOS technical experts for quick turnaround.

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