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Ext Js Hosting

Ext JS is a JavaScript framework designed for building cross platform web apps that are features-rich. Applications are developed using DHTML, DOM and Ajax scripting. Developers can create sleek applications built on web standards that target mobile phones, desktop computers and tablets. Developers can use hundreds of blazing fast user-interface widgets to manage both simple and more complicated applications. Developers can get complete control of display with templates and layout manager. Ext JS Hosting maintains the functionality of old browsers as well as leverages the advanced features of HTML 5 for new browsers. The growing popularity of Ext JS is its ability to develop data-intensive HTML5 applications for use by organizations.

When you choose Go4hosting as your hosting services provider, you can be sure of getting the best server hosting services. Our fast server deployments and robust and elaborate infrastructure makes us the best hosting service in the industry. Our hi-tech servers are capable of running all kinds of scripts and applications including Ext JS Hosting. Higher network availability is assured with our optimum uptime guarantees.

Why Select Ext JS Hosting?

  • Maintains the functionality for older browsers while leveraging HTML5 features for modern browsers
  • Enables organizations to add powerful analytics capabilities to web applications
  • Includes a flexible layout manager for better display of data and content
  • Customizable out of box themes available
  • It is easy to create data-intensive HTML5 applications using JavaScript
  • Sophisticated Data-Driven Documents package (D3) visualization can be added using D3 Adapter
  • Provides a responsive configuration system
  • Includes the most comprehensive collection of pre-integrated and tested UI components
  • Offers back-end agnostic data package
  • Accessibility package can be used for development of apps for those who need assistive technologies

Go4hosting range of offerings

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4hosting For Ext JS Hosting?

  • Dedicated Server India

    High Network Availability

    We offer the latest hosting technologies ably and solidly supported by redundant power supplies. Our highly efficient failover functionality guarantees high network availability.

  • Fastest Deployment

    Our cutting-edge servers are engineered to help you create and deploy your website online in the quickest possible time. We deploy servers the fastest to help you go online instantly.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed on Enterprise Dedicated Server

    24X7 Tech Support

    Our dedicated team of technicians has expertise in all types of hosting and provides round the clock support to deal with any issues.

  • High Bandwidth

    All our server hosting plans come with high bandwidth features to make it easy for our clients to operate and manage their business from geographical location.

  • firewall applications on Dedicated Server


    Our creatively developed tools and templates can make it easy to customize features and functions easily. Use our dynamic and resourceful features to achieve top drawer results.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed on Enterprise Dedicated Server

    Reliable Customer Service

    Our reliable customer service team is always available to assist you if you need help in managing your systems or want any information regarding the system‚ functions or pricing.

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