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Dojo Hosting

Dojo is a JavaScript toolkit that supports development process by acting as a one step resource for everything needed for building a Web app. It offers IU components, languages utilities, and much more. The wide assortment of tools available in Dojo is designed to work in unison. In addition to this you can find high performance APIs for Effects, Ajax, Dom events, and Querying to name a few. It facilitates ease of integration of work into range of server side framework such as Django, Node.js, or Zend framework. The broad availability of well documented reference guides as well as tutorials can assist users to accomplish a wide array of web projects without facing any hassles.

With Go4hosting as your hosting partner, you can experience unmatched website performance with 99.95% network uptime and support of top tiered data center facilities. You can count on our more than a decade's experience of providing reliable hosting services to clients of all business categories.

Why select Dojo Toolkit software?

  • Provides extensive modularity and AMD loading along with plugins such as domReady
  • Provides a class-like inheritance pattern that help cutting down repeated code and extend existing classes for superior customizability
  • Enables connection from functions to functions and offers feature of aspects
  • Offers deferred and unified Ajax transport for faster development and compactness of code
  • Ensures complete and out of the box localization with full accessibility support with Dijit UI framework
  • Enables creation of mobile widgets by enabling swapping of views and rendering mobile views without hassles
  • Provides complete mobile compatibility
  • djox/charting library facilitates multiple plots, self updating charts, plugins, and animated chart elements
  • Offers on demand grid utilities for smooth loading of grid data
  • Enables ease of test writing with own testing framework

Go4hosting range of offerings

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4hosting for Dojo Toolkit Hosting?

Go4hosting is the most reputed developer friendly hosting provider, equipped with cutting edge facilities of top tiered data centers. We empower Dojo Toolkit application with blazing fast page load speeds and seamless network uptime. Go4hosting enjoys unparalleled trust of clients because it is our mission to rigidly comply with SLAs to meet their expectations.
  • firewall applications on Dedicated Server

    Customized solutions

    We offer 100% customization facilities and ensure that Dojo Toolkit is configured as per your unique requirement of your website. We ensure that you are able to setup your customized requirements as per the needs of mission critical web applications.

  • Advanced infrastructure

    Go4hosting provides ideal environment for hosting your mission critical website applications for development projects. We ensure protection of your digital assets from any intrusion or unauthorized access. Our Tier III data centers are equipped with N+ 1 redundant facilities flawless system performance.

  • Reliable Dedicated Server

    Quick server deployment

    We guarantee speed and performance with our fast edge servers that are instantly deployed by our experts. Online stimulation of your application, such as Dojo Toolkit application and deployment of server is implemented with no risk or failure issues.

  • Scalable resources

    Go4hosting has developed huge capabilities and high end facilities to ensure that you are able to execute your growth plans without any resource crunch. You can be assured of resource availability and continue to expand and grow your site with assured scalability of resources.

  • Security

    Multi-layered security measures protect your applications from unwarranted intrusions and virus attacks. We offer support of dedicated firewalls and round the clock monitoring to ensure safety and integrity of your mission critical data.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed on Enterprise Dedicated Server


    Go4hosting ensures round the clock tech support from Dojo Toolkit expert technicians in the event of any technical glitches. These dedicated experts are easily accessible through email, live chat, or telephone at any time for timely resolution of technical issues.

If you need an established hosting partner for your mission critical hosting needs, then contact our experts to know more about our fast, reliable and secure service offerings.
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