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Codiad Hosting

Codiad is a web based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) framework. In comparison with bulkier desktop counterparts, it offers better performance in spite of having very small footprint and minimum requirements. Codiad Web IDE framework is highly regarded for its user-friendly attributes due to the 3-panel interface. The intuitive set of three panels consists of a central panel with actual editor, left panel for file manager plus active files and right panel is reserved for system controls. You can customize multiple features of its appearance such as font size and theme by clicking on settings button. The same can also be used for adding extensions to accomplish development projects.

Go4hosting is your ideal hosting partner for running serious development frameworks. You can experience blazing fast page loading speeds, 99.95% network connectivity, impregnable security, and dedicated support of technical experts with us.

Why select Codiad Web IDE Solution?

  • Offers support for more than forty languages
  • Provides redundant support for local storage
  • Offers quick download backups
  • Enables real time collaborative editing
  • Facilitates high end searching tools
  • Seamlessly runs on your own server
  • Offers support of a plugin library and more than twenty syntax color themes
  • Source can be easily customized
  • Provides maximum space for editor screen

Go4hosting range of offerings

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4hosting for Codiad Hosting?

Go4hosting appreciates your need for a dependable hosting partner that boosts websites performance by accelerating page load speeds to support your development work. Therefore, we offer development friendly infrastructure of our top tiered data centers and fast edge servers to enhance overall performance of your Codiad Web IDE framework.
  • Tailor made solutions

    We have developed outstanding ability to offer customizable hosting solutions that match your development needs. We ensure that your critical applications are supported with easy customizability, so that you can explore all functionalities and attributes of Codiad Web IDE Solution.

  • Dedicated Server India

    Assured network connectivity

    Go4hosting adheres to SLA backed network uptime of 99.95% to support your mission critical web projects. Our carrier neutral facility offers freedom of choosing your preferred telecom provider from wide range of industry leading service providers.

  • Flexible network connectivity

    Our broad spectrum of bandwidth offerings enables our clients to select the right plan to match their unique requirements. We are among the select few web-hosts that offer high-speed and dedicated leased line internet connectivity from diverse service providers.

  • Robust security

    Our six zone security measures protect your critical applications and digital assets against any unwelcome intrusion or malware attack. We monitor all our security related systems including biometric access control measures, CCTV, and mantraps to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Mission critical infrastructure

    Go4hosting owns and operates fully redundant Tier III data centers and ensure that your web projects are provided with multi-tiered N+1 redundancy across all systems. Our cutting edge capabilities support seamless business availability and impeccable performance of your critical applications.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed on Enterprise Dedicated Server

    Dedicated support

    If you have any query regarding operation of Codiad Web IDE Solution or are struggling with a technical glitch, then you can instantly access our dedicated Codiad technical experts for a quick turnaround on any day and at any time.

Your pursuit of a reliable hosting partner for any type of web hosting solution ends at Go4hosting. Do get in touch with our knowledgeable technical experts to know more.
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