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Barracuda Hosting

Barracuda is a reliable Spam filtering solution aimed at offering a comprehensive protection from email based threats. Barracuda is an established name and a force to reckon with when it comes to identification and blocking of a spam. It is backed by an array of security layers to ensure organizational efficiency in spite of multiple threats that are evolving rapidly. It offers protection against embedding of text inside images for hiding content from conventional spam filters. Barracuda also ensures that email infrastructures are seamlessly protected against virus attacks to improve productivity and to prevent loss of vital business data.

Go4Hosting offers fast and reliable hosting services for large number of software applications including Barracuda spam filter solution. We are established and highly reputed service providers with vast experience of providing enterprise class hosting services to clients from all business categories by ensuring seamless network connectivity and dependable technical support.

Why select Barracuda ?

  • Leverages global cloud infrastructure to enable organizations leverage central web based portal
  • Enables use of pre-designed filters and custom policies for mail encryption and blocking of sensitive data
  • Enables email deliveries in spite of loss of connectivity or server downtime with help of email spooling in cloud protection layer for an extended period of 96 hours
  • Prevents email server overload
  • Prevents organizations from threats of being put on spam lists of other enterprises and also blocks movement of sensitive data out of the organizational boundaries.
  • Facilitates a plethora of encryption features by means of a security gateway that is fully integrated with a cloud based email encryption solution
  • Offers outbound filtering to stop outbound virus and spam
  • Ensures efficient scaling of email security infrastructure that can easily accommodate growth of emails as well as email spikes.

Go4Hosting range of offerings

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4Hosting for Barracuda Hosting ?

You can always bank on Go4Hosting for a fine tuned and secured platform for hosting Barracuda application. We support your mission critical applications and help augment your web presence with ultra-fast server performance and reliable SLA backed network uptime of 99.95%.
  • Ultra reliable infrastructure

    Go4Hosting owns and operates Tier III data centers that are fully redundant and seamlessly secured.

  • Tailor-made solutions

    We empower your mission critical applications with full customizability and ensure that everything is configured as per specific requirements of your web project.

  • Performance

    We implement SLAs by strictly following every aspect to fulfill expectations of our clients and source every hardware component from globally acclaimed vendors to ensure flawless performance of all systems.

  • Scalability

    You can be assured of resource availability and continue to expand and grow your site with guarantee of highly scalable resources to support growth of you web applications.

  • Security

    You can be assured of security of your mission critical applications with dedicated firewalls and round the clock monitoring that is designed to safeguard your digital assets.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed on Enterprise Dedicated Server

    Round the clock support

    Our assured tech support from Barracuda experts empowers you to resolve technical glitches with proficiency.

Your pursuit of a dependable hosting partner for all your hosting requirements ends at Go4Hosting. Talk to our experts to know more.
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