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Arfooo Directory Hosting

Arfooo Directory is a powerful open source directory software that offers a wealth of customizable features. Arfooo Directory is much more than a legacy link directory. It can be used to build a conventional link styled directory. It can also be used to create service oriented directory for job search, telephone numbers, contact details and much more. It allows classification of sites into a large number of categories as well as subcategories. Arfooo Directory software also supports monetization efforts of websites by allowing intuitive placement of advertisements within the site and its various webpages. It allows users to create custom fields to cater to specific needs of a directory.

Go4hosting is one of the most established and reliable hosting service providers. We have been offering an amazing array of ultrareliable web hosting solutions to clients from all domains of industries and assure seamless uptime by rigidly adhering to SLAs.

Why select Arfooo Directory?

  • Offers built-in SEO tools to facilitate better ranking in search engines
  • Offers robust control to prevent access to spammers with ability to ban IPs or emails
  • Availability of useful statistics including number of indexed or refused sites, keywords, and so forth
  • Provides choice of templates to alter or modify design of directories
  • Enables creating directories like Yellow Pages without URLs and offers language and template system
  • Facilitates display of addresses, phone, along with Google maps
  • Uses the latest technologies such as MVC architecture, JavaScript, Ajax, and uses UTF8 encoding

Go4hosting range of offerings

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4hosting for Arfooo Directory Hosting?

Go4hosting appreciates significance of your business critical Arfooo Directory application and hosts the same on enterprise class servers. We provide incessant network uptime and premium bandwidth to boost your site's SERP so that more clients will flock to your site for link submission.
  • Dedicated Server India

    Ultra reliable networking

    We boost online availability of your web based applications and websites by ensuring SLA backed network uptime of 99.95%. Our carrier neutral facility allows freedom to choose your preferred telecom partner from an array of leading telecom service providers.

  • Impregnable Security

    Go4Hosting provides assured network and physical security to protect your critical data and applications from cyber attacks and unauthorized intrusions. All our security related systems, including biometric access control measures, CCTV, and mantraps are perpetually monitored for any unwarranted intrusion attempts.

  • Well-equipped facilities

    We procure enterprise grade networking equipment and branded hardware components from industry leading vendors. The complete networking framework is supported by redundant power supply and dependable failover functionality to ensure unmatched website availability.

  • Unrelenting bandwidth

    Go4Hosting empowers your mission critical applications with relentless, reliable and premium bandwidth. Our clients are assured of our scalable architecture, dependable uptime, and high bandwidth to ensure that their websites and critical web applications are always up and running.

  • Top tiered data centers

    We support our clients with unbeatable infrastructure of our Tier III data centers are designed for built-in redundancy and robust security to ensure uninterrupted performance of your websites and web applications. Our data center facilities are situated in low seismic zones for assured safety.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed on Enterprise Dedicated Server

    Incessant Support

    Our multiple means of communications provide easy and uninterrupted access to technical experts. If you have any query regarding Arfooo Directory or are facing any technical glitch, you can instantly access our dedicated technical experts for quick turnaround.

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