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Zimbra was originally developed by Zimbra, Inc and was released in the year 2005. As per the former Zimbra President and CTO Scott Dietzen, the name Zimbra has been taken from the song ""I Zimbra"" created by Talking Heads.

Zimbra Collaboration suite refers to a groupware email server and web client presently possessed and created by Zimbra Inc. These source codes are available under the terms and conditions specified in Zimbra Public License (ZPL).

Zimbra offers a rich set of complete cross-platform support with local integration on major operating systems like Windows, Macs, and Linux desktops.

Some of the benefits associated with Zimbra are as follows:

- Flexible and easy to use across multiple domains or on any available platform

- Zimbra renders antispam and antivirus capabilities to safeguard important mails.


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