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Technology has changed the way and means of almost everything now you can shop without going to the market and see people even without meeting them in person. All such things are possible with the help of different software. X-Cart is one such software that makes your shopping not just easy but also interesting and assures convenience to the host of the site. This is shopping cart software based on SQl, this user friendly software guarantees complete security of the transactions and comprises of range of advance tools.

X-cart is loaded with features that help to make the online shopping very convenient. It enables you to track inventory, track orders, accept payments, and see purchases made and the mode of collecting payment through different channels. The software also gives special service of accepting the credit cards directly to the website. Any assistance relating to the software is available for free you can simply consult an active community for that.

The merchants who use this cart either can opt for the licensed version or got for the hosted services as the software can be installed on any hosted website. The software can be installed with the help of some technical expert. The software is hassle free to use as ones downloaded and installed it can be updated easily. The X-Cart is free and easily available but if you wish to have some extra features then you can consult the developers. The developers of this software offer paid services and can fetch you with the best of the features of the X-Cart.


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