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Web host acts as an essential link between an entrepreneur’s website and the internet. Without web hosting, an enterprise’s website can never reach the outside world.

It is for this reason companies want to make the right decisions when choosing a web hosting package. In order that the web hosting package benefits the company’s business, the objectives and the requirements of the website must be planned in advance.

Some of the essential features a web host must have are following:

• It must provide Technical Support 24 X 7, 365 days a year

• The setup must be stable and secure

• The support staff should be able to communicate in a simple language instead of in a complicated technical jargon

Technically it is possible to choose a web host located anywhere in the world, but selecting a local hosting company makes good sense.

If your business is centered in a particular geographic region, by purchasing web hosting in that region you gain the following advantages.

• Better search engine visibility - It is well known Google accords a lot of importance to a server’s IP location.

• Better technical support – A hosting package from overseas may have a ticket support system that will post you resolutions, but telephone calls can be prohibitive. By signing up with a local web host, you will resolve problems faster and cheaper.

Other key advantages of selecting a local web host include proximity of the data center, and having local court jurisdiction.

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