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WLAN or wireless local area network is a wireless distribution system in which two or more devices are connected using high frequency radio waves and often includes an access point to the internet.

Today we are witnessing wireless technology everywhere, while you move around with a mobile, in classrooms, hospitals and offices.

But, wireless as a service is not really a recent innovation.

It dates back to more than a century ago and is synonymous with radio. In 1896, Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian inventor experimented on radio waves, and finally was successful in obtaining a patent and then establishing the Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company Ltd.

Wireless Technology continued to make progress, but its significant advancement was witnessed when the U.S. Military, in World War II configured wireless signals to transmit data with complex encryption making unauthorized access practically impossible.

Till a few decades ago, conventional LANs or local area networks were in place for communication between computers within a network. This was achieved by using physical wiring such as coaxial cables or optical fibers to connect networks.

WLAN eliminated the need of wiring by using electromagnetic radio waves signals to communicate within a network.

Presently, WLAN has made considerable progress. With the deployment of High Technology Wireless LAN and the installation of new access points, full wireless coverage in large areas is possible.

Some people ask whether WLAN and Wi-Fi mean the same thing.

The answer is yes.

Both WLAN and Wi-Fi refer to a wireless network that can transmit data at high speeds.

Wi-Fi is short for wireless fidelity. It is actually a trademark name used to identify WLAN compatible devices.


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