Virtual Dedicated Server

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Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS is a specially designed virtualization that belongs to the category of Infrastructure as a Service in the domain of cloud technology. Multiple Virtual Dedicated Servers can be built by virtual compartmentalization of a single physical machine.

Every single Virtual Dedicated Server is allocated with its own disk space, random access memory, bandwidth, and disk storage. It is also called as Virtual Private Server. However, in case of virtual private server, there is a provision of a remote dedicated server while a Virtual Private Server is nothing but a virtual machine positioned on a single physical machine.

Virtual Dedicated Server is built by combining a complete set of hardware required by a server and an operating system. It is operated by a remote access layer that facilitates users to access Virtual Dedicated Server from any given location by leveraging internet. Although a Virtual Dedicated Server is designed to offer performance and resources that is similar to on-site server, in actual practice, it is operated and managed by serviced provider on lease basis.

Virtual Dedicated Server is built on high end servers. These are generally regarded for remarkable cost effectiveness and functionalities that are almost similar to dedicated servers. Virtual Dedicated Server is preferred for greater requirements of memory storage and is compatible with most of the resource intensive applications. Users with requirement of specific security concerns and autonomy of data management can be catered to efficiently by Virtual Dedicated Servers.

Cloud computing has resulted in wide spectrum of useful offerings such as Virtual Dedicated Server. Developers of Virtual Dedicated Server are in a position to rent the Virtual Dedicated Server to clients for the purpose of deployment, development, or hosting web applications. Virtual Dedicated Server is not a multi tenant offering and is not designed to be shared with other users. Virtual Dedicated Server is used for wide ranging applications from small to massive server instances.