VPS Configuration

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VPS configuration means setting up the account and runs into a few steps as follows. Configuration of server will have an impact on the way the website performs. It is not easy unless one has a good technical knowhow. The host generally does not help in the account set up even in managed hosting. Logon to the host’s account with the User ID and password that is shared at the time of registering and opening the account. • The client has to decide on the level of VPS they require. • How much of RAM and disk space is required and what is offered? It will depend on the traffic that the website is expected to generate. • What is the data transfer/ bandwidth overage protection allowed and what are the implications if one exceeds the limit? • They need to check on what operating system distributions the provider offers and what the requirements are for a specific distribution. • What kind of backup service being offered? How is the site and content protected? If they need FTP backups. And the user ID and password for same. • How many IP addresses are included and costs for extras addresses?

Once these considerations are reviewed and completed the client has to confirm their requirements by clicking on submit. The host will make the VPS server ready within a few hours.