Unified Computing System

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The Unified Computing System or UCS is data center server operating platform that comprises of computing hardware, switching fabric, virtualization support and management software. The idea of bringing about a comprehensive platform that is cohesive in nature and can be managed just like an independent unit is to improve the scalability by integrating individual components into one single comprehensive platform. Another aim is to reduce the comprehensive cost of ownership. With such a powerful system in place, timely deployment of resources becomes easy.

One of the key benefits of the Unified Computing System is stateless computing. There are no set or predetermined configurations for any node. For instance, BIOS Settings, UUIDs and MAC Addresses can all be configured with the UCS manager in the service profile and then can be applied to the servers. This provides for consistent configuration and easy re-positioning. In fact, it would only take a few minutes for applying a new profile.

The very fact that the entire system is managed by a software based UCS manager makes it a smart and viable choice for most growing businesses that are struggling with not enough manpower. It is always best to consider expert help in case of doubts concerning implementation.


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