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Originally developed by Sun Microsystems, Solaris is a UNIX operating system. Currently it is referred to as Oracle Solaris (since it is owned by Oracle now).Solaris facilitates the feature of scalability, specifically on SPARC systems. It is also known as the originating source for many prominent features such as DTRACE, ZFS and Time slider.

Solaris supports SPARC-based and x 86-based workstations, servers provided by both Oracle and other sellers. It is aiming to port to other additional platforms as well. Solaris is known to be listed as a compliant with the Single UNIX Specification.

Solaris makes use of a common code base for the platforms that it renders support to, which includes SPARC and i86pc (inclusive of both x86 and x86-64).

Solaris is profoundly known to be compatible to symmetric multiprocessing, thereby facilitating a huge number of CPUs. It is believed to have been strongly combined with Sun's SPARC hardware (including support for 64-bit SPARC applications since Solaris 7), with which it is widely marketed as a dual package. This has led to the advent of more consistent systems, but at a cost premium when compared to commodity PC hardware.


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